a lovely little set

It feels like I've been away for long, but it's only been eleven days, ugh ! School break starts tonight and it's been a busy week with exams for our eldest, training session for our youngest (away for the week), a busy husband, Valentine's day and we've been tackling our first painting project of the year : painting our youngest bedroom. We feel happy about it & pumped for tackling the rest ! In between, life goes as regular, and it's been tough to squeeze any crafting.

But, I managed ! So here is a new pincushion, well actually a lovely little set of two ! I'll let you see them ...

More infos in the shop over here.

I hope to make more next week, first week of school break, since we might tackle other renovation works on the second week. Fingers crossed. Thank you for stopping by today ! Have a terrific weekend ahead !

With love,