I want to be carefree & playful again ... like in 2008

I must have said it all in my title, but nevermind. Yes. I'm a little (a lot) nostalgic about the (not that distant) past. A decade ago. In 2008, I was beginning to upload my photos on Flickr, I had been selling on Etsy for barely 6 months ... my creativity was something virgin & my curiosity was big. These were the years I met most of my online friends (but not all ! my "eldest" online friends were "met" before !). Everything felt new & possible.

Then life happened, moving happened too, things around the globe happened as well. Things changed. And I realize now that I lost that carefreeness & playfulness along the years. I was not playing that much anymore. Things were less spontaneous, less raw, more polished, more uniform. Why ? Maybe because I thought that I needed to have one homogeneous "style", something consistent that would give my brand/company a recognizable look. It paralyzed me so badly. It put (useless) restraints to my (already knocked out) creativity.

But fact is, I have FINALLY understood that it is NOT a thing for me. It may be possible for other artisans or artists, to have one, seamless overall style, colors, etc. But I love to dip my toes in many things, I love to create FREELY, to use different materials & techniques, which end up in different looking results !

I need to feel free of all those useless restraints in order to create. In order to ENJOY creating freely. I may have never said it openly, but 95% of the time, I don't plan what I'm doing. This may sound irresponsible or stupid, but most everything I make is completely spontaneous. I let my hands do whatever my creative soul is telling them to do on the moment.

I recently re-did my ABOUT page, because I believed it was not the truest version of me and my company. If you have an extra minute, please have a look, it explains some things.

I have felt inferior to everyone for most of my life, it's something so very hard to rub off, and it's been difficult for me to accept that I might be half artisan & half artist. Or at least that's how I feel inside myself NOW. Is that the upcoming birthday (40 in April) that is making me ponder about my life ? I don't know. Lots of introspection for me in 2018, and thankfully for now it's been making me evolve.

I have elvoved, my "style" (if there is any) has evolved, and the final result has finally a name : E C L E C T I C I S M ! Love it or hate it, I know it's not for everyone. This eclecticism goes along with the fact that most of what I create is made in one single copy, most of the time. I try to make small editions. (like for the recent Japan coasters) But I love to create things that you'll be the only one to own, something you won't find elsewhere, something that is as unique as you are.

These last few years, not much inspired me (creatively speaking) or excited my curiosity, but I feel this is changing, and I'm feeling it the way it was in 2008. For instance, I have been toying the idea to stamp carving again, and digged up an old stamp I had made. I inked it up & stamped labels.

Silly little thing, but once I stamped these, I realized how these irregular lines/long shapes were inspiring to me ! I suppose it will sow a seed in my mind. It's just that in the last few years, no seed was able to sprout from that sterile mind. I guess it's the normal cycle of life/creating. You can't be fertile all the time. There need to be a sleeping phase. But dang, that felt so long to me ... and I don't wish to any of you, creative people, to feel stuck for so many months/years, like the way I was.

This might be one of the reasons I want to feel that carefreeness & playfulness again ... like in 2008. Even in blogging.

Thanks for reading, lovely people, thank you.

With love,