pink here & pink there

I've always loved shades of pink. I tried to stay away from it for a decade (maybe having two baby boys were the reason), but my appreciation for pink is a long love story that is not going to end. Wearing pink is not a problem, but having pink things around the house may be one. My desire now is to use it in areas that I'm almost the only one to enjoy, or to use it in reasonable quantity.

So, I'm sharing today some photos of little pink things I have around my computer table in the bedroom ...

These three ceramics were thrifted for a ridiculous price. The bowl to the right is not exactly pink but the copper shade inside goes very well with pink.

Having a little plant with pink leaves feels like a joy only looking at it ! It's so pretty ! And I'll be soon adding a little flower to the tiny vase ...

Another use of pink is with this tea towel I bought from Kei & Molly Textiles shop (NM, USA) and that I use for covering our printer (until I sew a proper cover, that is ...)

Isn't it fun & cute ?!

I hope you're having a lovely weekend. Thanks for stopping by !

With love,