first coasters of the year

After a one-day-trip to Paris last week, which usually turns to be my Japan fix (a way to access Japanese food & goods, without actually going to Japan !), I found myself inspired by this beautiful country, again. And from my hands, were born this past weekend, sets of brand new coasters. I'll let you see them now ...

They are reversible, both sides being equally nice ! One side features a traditional print & running (red) stitches, the other side features a (not perfectly round) circle of a different print, that was hand appliquéed, and with again, a (red) stitched detail. None is 100% identical to another, the circles vary in size & shape, the stitches too. They are all unique.

There are 4 sets available (two of them are ready to ship), and comes in a lovely drawstring bag, ready for gifting, or for being kept in a drawer for instance.

I love the way they look with these thrifted, handmade ceramic cups ! You can find them here in the shop

Thanks for stopping by today !

With love,