more reflections and more questions


These discussions (see previous post please, if you are unaware) had kept me thinking night & day for the last two days. I have so many questions, to which I have no answer. And I doubt anyone has any.

  • if I were to be inspired by my own culture, create & sell these French-inspired creations, would I be suddenly legitimate ?

  • if I’m French native (like I am), am I restrainted to create things (to sell) that are French inspired ?

  • I’m from the south of France, so would being inspired by Northern France culture & craftsmanship (and making things to sell) make me illegitimate (once again) ?

  • is it really how art & crafts(wo)manship work ? Are you supposed to fit into boxes & stick to them ?

  • among other artisans/artists such as potters, for instance, where does inspiration start & where does culture violation begin ?? (this could be transposed to any other artistic/artisanal areas, btw)

  • it is already not obvious to create something (even though based on inspiration from another culture), will I have to question every step of my creativity ? Will I have to stop in my tracks when I think suddenly of making something Japan inspired ? Shall I stop altogether to make & (try to) sell Japan inspired creations ?

  • should I stick to exclusively NOT Japan inspired creations ?

  • Does embroidering running stitches, in a way that could make think of sashiko stitches or boro or kantha, represent a violation to the Japansese or Indian culture ?

  • if someone accross the planet is making provençal inspired creations (Provence being an area / culture from southern France), why should I feel violated or offended because I’m a white girl from southern France ? Who would I be to say to this person she’s not legitimate for doing so ? Would she be “stealing food from a “genuine” provençal girl’s hands ? (I don’t think so)

  • wouldn’t it be narrow minded to think that all the artists coming from outside of France, who were inspired by Provence and even settled there, hadn’t the proper right to do so ?

I could go on & on. I have deep respect for any other culture, whatever it may be, but when has this world of ours stopped mixing ?

In no way I am trying to find excuses or explanations to making my Japan inspired creations (as few as they may be). I’m just being really disoriented right now, and these discussions, even though they’ve been REALLY eye opening about POC’s daily life (& representation in the craft community) and constructive (to me at least), have made me overthinking, which in the artistic/artisanal area, are not really a good way to go forward.

Does any of you have answers to these questions ?