bringing the "slow is good" back


Wel hellooooo … I wish I had had the time last week for blogging but the flu got the best of my eldest (16), he had to stay home for 3 school days (1st time in years & years) then I started to feel unwell myself so that was a pretty long week to say the least ! Now I’m coughing like crazy & my youngest has a cold as well. Oh well … thank you winter !

Anyway … I have decided to dust off some oldies and therefore a couple of “Slow is good” mug rugs are ready to ship !


I have embroidered the text with a dark blue floss instead of the powdery pink I used in the past. I thought it made it more visible. This is a pretty good reminder that slow is actual good. Specially when you’re making a coffee/tea/biscuit break … ah !


You can find the mug rug in the shop { here }.

Wishing you all a great (and healthy) week ahead ! Thank you for stopping by today. Please don’t feel shy, say hi in the comments if you actually took of your precious time for reading my blog post ! I’d love to hear from you !

With love,