one must always be different


I don’t mean to be irreplaceable, that’d be a little bit pretentious. But I just understood that I need to be different if I really want to feel like myself.

These last weeks, after browsing my own blogs, flickrs, computer archives … I understood that there was something from the last two decades that I loved. I couldn’t put a word on it, it’s always been a special feeling.

In the early 2000, I used to draw (and sell) pen tablet/computer drawn graphics for websites/blogs. It was so much fun, I virtually met so many people, and made wonderful friends along the way. Many of them have left the blogosphere, don’t have a website anymore,some of them are on social medias. Sadly at least one passed away (keeping Elizabeth in my thoughts), and to my knowledge, in the circle of my own friends, only one still blogs, my dear friend Sadie. (her lovely blog can be found here)

But I digress. I’ve recently changed the landing page of the website, and I didn’t want to stick with the modern looking, page-wide photos … like most websites look nowadays. I’m not a lifestyle or fashion blog, and my creations can be seen as slightly flowery-nostalgic-out of time-I don’t know … it’s rather hard to fit to a category. (I’ve never been able to do that, anyway !)

Concerning my business, as much as I’ve never been able to focus on it fully, because of my family life & situation, I’ve always made a point at not being like all the others. Sometimes I think it was not really a choice, I couldn’t do any other way. I’ve never aimed to make a living of it, we moved too many times for me to have a stability in this domain. I never advertise in French magazines, never made a market, never sold mu wares in someone else’s shop.

And that’s fine with me because I’m an INTROVERT ! I love making things, creating, yet the contact with people doesn’t come naturally. You need to have this in yourself in order not to look “obliged”. Who knows, maybe in the future (you never know what the future holds, good or bad), this part of myself will change, but for the moment, I’m in peace with my personality.

My last point is … when remodelling the landing page of the site, I finally understood that I needed to make things look like something I personally love, not like what I think people expect from me (or from anyone else, btw !) I know it really sounds obvious, but things don’t always happen like they should, do they ? Life is not a jigsaw, not everything always fall into its final & logical place !

Wishing you the best for the rest of the week ! Take care !