red wings


These photos are already a week old, and this time of year, I mean at springtime, a whole week can make a whole difference !

We have a Japanese maple in a large ceramic pot, and it was all bare all winter long. (as it should be, but it’s always a little sad looking) Right after the middle of March, it showed signs of buds. And every day showed progress. And in a matter of a week, all leaves were out, stretching red wings, because I really thought it looked like red birds in flight !

It’s clearly visible on the photo on top. I added other photos I took, because it’s so beautiful this time of year, I’m always amazed !


They even have little flowers that blooms just after the leaves are out ! That’s fast !!


Dented leaves, and in the sun, the red texture of the leaves look velvety, slightly shiny & glittery !


That’s really quite a show that I wouldn’t want to miss anymore !

I hope you liked it too ! Thank you for your visit ! Oh, and happy April too !