time management or finding the time for everything


The school holiday is over, it’s been a full one with lots of little things done (offline, obviously). Therefore here I am again !

Since hubby’s started working in Lille, last September, my schedule, which wasn’t really precise at the time, got completely shaen. I lost track of many things. Once the swimming pool season stopped, I stopped working out, altogether. I know, that wasn’t really smart from me, but that’s how it happened. i gained weight, inevitably, and lost flexibility. It didn’t seem to bother me much until recently. Something’s got to be done ! And now !

Adjusting to hubby’s absence ... having more things to do by myself everyday (mainly because of swimming pool maintenance & garden duties, and all the chores) ... weekends being as fast as a lightening : I really, and I mean REALLY needed to improve my time management because obviously NOT everything got done everything ! You’ll tell me that it is normal not to fit everything everyday, but it just can’t happen every. Single. Day !!!


I scratched my head for a moment then had a lightbulb moment ! That was it, I had to create my own schedule where I TRY to fit everything in a week ! I know, how stupidly obvious !! I started reflecting on what as badly managed in my days, and what I didn’t manage to fit in most days, which in my case was :

1) working out
2) creating for the shop
3) taking care of myself

... because every single day, every single week, there was always something more important to do. I am sure you understand what I mean ...(not trying to fish for an excuse here, that’s the truth)

Of course I know that not everything always goes as planned, unexpected things to do happen quite regularly, so I am flexible. But. My goal is to stick to this schedule as much as possible in order to create new habits.

I’m now on day 2, and well I’m pretty happy about how it works, because I managed to do many things ! I worked out twice, worked a bit (at least I started somewhere & that’s the hardest !!), took care of myself, and all the rest !

I created this schedule for school week days only. Weekends are totally free of schedule, thank goodness ! I’m sorry I’m not sharing the schedule itself here, I thought it was way too personal. But I really wanted to share with you that I had felt some kind of « click » inside myself, letting me know that I needed to finally change by myself what I thought was not working at its best in my daily life rhythm.

In the same spirit, some weeks ago, I decided to drink fewer coffee, and to skip the milk I’ve always added in it. And to drink more water every day. Well, I’m happy to report that these « resolutions »  are still going strong, and I created new, healthier habits !

Have you recently create a new habit ? Please share in the comments so tht we all might feel inspired !


I suspect you wonder why I used flowers photos to illustrate this post ... well, these flax flowers (that grow wild nearby) were picked this past weekend, and gifted to me (so sweeeeeet) by my even sweeter hubby. I could not not share these with you, they are so pretty and delicate and fragile, and don’t last long. I hope you like them as much as I love them !

After such a long (and boring) novel, I wish you all a wonderful rest of your days, and thank you kndly for your visit today !

With love,