street sighting : urban nature

Here come more photos from my walks around Montpellier. I adore to spot little bits of urban nature, may it be a (so called, because for me there are none) weeds, growing vigorously through the sad pavements, or may it be in gardens that I discreetly have a peek to, through open gates ...

These are the most recent, taken two days ago.

These, above, are the most recent, taken two days ago. Don't you love to see how people tend their gardens (or courtyards) ? Or is it just me LOL

Colors, shapes, textures, so much to be inspired by ... That's why I love to capture them quickly with my phone. Most of them get overlooked ... and that's a pity !

Wishing you a great day. Summer's here (boo !), after the rainiest month of May (yay !). Just to give you an idea, the temps just went from 17,5°C (63,5°F) at 9am to 22,3°C (72,1°F) at 10am (so in one hour only !) .... ugh. But for once, everything's green instead of being like straw already !



street sighting : doors and shutters

I've just decided to make little posts featuring things I spot in Montpellier when I walk around (mostly power walks, with hubby). I'm always always drawn to doors & shutters. Their colors, their patterns, their textures ... there is so much to see and enjoy !

Here are the most recent photos from my Instagram feed. They are iphone photos, so not the best quality, sorry about that.

Just realizing that some of them are not from Montpellier, but from Paris or Pézénas ... but at least it proves you that I'm drawn to them, wherever I go ! LOL

This will be a new category named "Street Sighting", and will feature other things I see ... I hope you will like this, as much as I enjoy spotting them !

Have a pleasant weekend !



week recap : May 30th-June 5th

A little delay in posting this week recap, because Pitou (our cat) had a minor surgery yesterday & because it kind of messes with schedules & how you feel when your furry baby is not well. But he's now home, and the anaesthesic is over now (he's such a mess afterwards, poor baby !)

This week's been pretty busy also because hubby & I have been powerwalking (walking at random in town, discovering streets & areas, and walking a lot) instead of working out. So here are shots taken during these several power-walks this past week.

Now is also the time for summer fruits & summer meals ! Yay ! Organic & local apricots & cantaloupe just made their appareance on our table ! That's the upsides of living in a warm climate !

Summer also means summer flowers, and my first Morning Glories (ipomoea) just started blooming ! They are as special when they are wide open as when they are fading & dyeing away. Such a textile feeling to them.

And last but not least, I've been happily busy this week with some orders, which have felt so nice ! Thank you for always supporting my work !

I have added ceramic necklaces this week, if you missed them.

There are lots of other lovely things in the shop, that are perfect for summer, like light scarves & ceramic necklaces for your neck, happy paintings for your wall, zipped pouches of all sizes for your travels, fabric storage bins for your home ! Or all of them as gifts !

Today's my hubby's 40th birthday, so I better go, it's time to celebrate !!

Be well, and have a great weekend !