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the last three days of our Advent Calendar

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I had to wait until today to find time to post the recap of the three final activities in our Advent Calendar.

Last  Friday (Day 22), the activity was making homemade Crunch-style chocolate. Basically, melt chocolate (we used organic 55% dark), and mix in with puffed rice. (we use organic whole) The process was super easy, the result was a hit ! Yay !

Last Saturday (Day 23), the activity was making photo holders with aluminium wire. Another easy, fast & rewarding activity, wonderful !

And the final day (Day 24), the activity was baking "pizza crackers" (vegan), and we used this recipe by Elephantastic Vegan. Very basic (and few) ingredients that most everyone has at home. Again, easy, relatively fast, and we ate them on Christmas Eve dinner.

I will make a recap post, including the activities from Advent Calendars past.

I hope you've had a beautiful Christmas day (or whatever you celebrated). Ours was simple, as usual, with my mom & inlaws at our place. It was grey, damp & cold, a good day for staying indoors, cozy.

With love,


candy canes & baked apples

children crafts, holiday seasonCozy Memories

Happy Winter Solstice everyone !

Yesterday's (Day 20) activity was making candy canes using air drying clay. We'll be using them as display on the table on Christmas day, I think. (they made more than two)

Today's (Day 21) activity was making baked apples for dessert ! And it was yummy !

We had a little scoop of ice cream on the side, and it was the perfect match !

Only 3 activities/days left until Christmas day, oh my goodness ! Thanks for following along !

With love,


stars & a glittery tree

children crafts, holiday seasonCozy Memories

Yesterday's (Day 17) activity in our Advent Calendar was making a (small) Christmas tree from pages of an old book, a babmboo skewer, and a thrifted tiny ceramic pot. Ahead of time (since it was done after their school day), I cut the book pages into squares of different sizes, "painted" the edges with a mix of glue and glitters. I let them dry, and all they had to do was to stack the pieces of papers through the skewer, and that was it !

Isn't the result just lovely ? I think so ! It will be used as decoration every year, and will also decorate the table on Christmas Day !

Today (Day 19) in the calendar : star shaped organic chocolate lollipops ! With a fun face LOL

Only five activities left until Christmas ... looking back, it's my eldest (15 1/2) who has been more willing to do all the activities, and he did them with more care & thoughtfulness than his young brother (still very much of a teen, 13 1/2). It melts my heart actually. I hope they will keep fond memories of these Decembers ... I know I will.

With love,