happy equinox (+ rosemary desktop wallpaper)

Happy equinox everyone, may it be Spring one or Autumn one ! (if you live in the southern hemisphere)

We bought a couple of flowers yesterday & sowed our very first seeds of the season, yay ! This spring, I went for cherry tomatoes (again), cosmos flowers (again), pink ipomoeas (I hope they'll make more leaves & cover more than the Morning Glories), and zinnias, which I hope will thrive !

Our Japanese maple, after a difficult summer, is making buds & leaves again. Phew. The buds are just starting to unfurl, they are so adorable & touching to see :

The rosemaries are in full bloom (I plan to have more, because it does well in the heat, and keep their leaves all year around, which is fantastic !), which is lovely to see.

This last photo above is available as Desktop Wallpaper in the Goodies section of the site. I hope you'll enjoy as much as I enjoy having it in my garden !

Have a lovely day ! Thank you for your visit today !

With love,


those strong & uplifting daisies

Snow or shine, the daisies are always present, always generously giving you their best smiles. The ones in my garden survived the snow, obviously, and are back in force. I thought I'd share some with you ... like sharing the uplifting & happy vibes !

See how sunny (and warm, it went up to 18°C ... it went down to -7°C a handful of days before) it was yesterday ?! Laundry day it was, you bet !! Pitou took time to stop & smell the flowers ! Literally !

Aren't they such pretty yet simple flowers ? I love them to bits ! Happy Sunday you all !

With love,


color explosion !

I have added a big set of six coasters to the shop yesterday. You saw glimpses of it last week, but I did finish them yesterday only. They are a remedy against the winter blues ! Look at them !

One side is made of a cotton print I have thrifted recently, and upcycled it by over embroidering some details. I also embroidered a (different) word on each of them. The other side is made of linen, sunny yellow or dark blue, and features random cross stitches in matching colors.

I think they are really cheerful ! And when not in use, they can be left on display for the motivational word ... something to think about.

Hope. See. Love. Focus. Imagine. Enjoy.

I hope you will enjoy them as well ... You can find them in the shop here !

With love,