Happy 2019 to you all, dear readers & visitors ! Wishing you the best for this new year, though we all know some/most of us will have to face little or bigger challenges this year.

We personally had to face a first bad news, my maternal grand-father, my last living grand-parent, passed away, peacefully & painlessly, in his sleep on Friday 04th. He was going to be 100 years old in March.

He’s had a (very) long, well-filled & healthy life. He could walk, read the newspaper & watch TV until last year, but we clearly all understood that in 2018 his physical & mental health declined radically. It was not a huge surprise to hear about his passing away, but it’s always a shock because you didn’t expect the news that day.

Leaving this world at almost 100 years old, in his own house, painlessly … I suppose we all long for such an eternal departure. I’ll be missing him a lot.

He was born in March 1919, and I can’t imagine how it felt to witness so much change in everything. From the real improvements in life to the worst things men on earth have been able to do. Sigh.

He was my only grand-parent to be alive and present to our wedding (1999), to the birth of our first son (2002) then our second son. (2004) My maternal grand-mother (his wife) passed away in December 1998, and it’s been already 20 years since then. Twenty years, I can’t believe how both fast & slow time passed by.

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Why did I choose pine for the only photo of this post, you may wonder. Well, in Japanese culture, the pine tree is known to represent longevity, good fortune and steadfastness. It is commonly linked with virtue and long life, even immortality ... I thought it was completely fitting my grand-pa’s life.

Thank you for reading.

With love,


on this last Monday of August

As I'm typing this, September is barely an hour & a half away. It hasn't started yet, yet things got already busy. We spent the last three days doing various things : going to the hairdresser's (the boys & I), going to the beach, having lunch at my inlaws', celebrating 16 years of marriage, having a tooth removed (not me, but my freshly 11 y-o, and who got another one removed last week, poor boy, but it's for his own good), baking strawberry rugelachs (the boys & I), playing (the boys), working (me), preparing things for work (hubby), and in general, trying to enjoy these last days of summer break. Break is officially over ! And tomorrow, hubby goes back to work (hence a 4.30am get up), youngest one goes back to (new) school, and I'll have a school reunion too.

New items will be added to the shop tomorrow (I'll blog about them tomorrow but you can already preview them in the shop) so in the meantime, I'll leave you with two photos from our two days away in the mountains.

the breathtaking view from Mont Aigoual weather station

the breathtaking view from Mont Aigoual weather station

walking among heather in bloom (more photos later this week) - Left to right : P (13), hubby (40), U (11)

walking among heather in bloom (more photos later this week) - Left to right : P (13), hubby (40), U (11)

These photos feel like ages ago, while this trip was a week & a half ago, that's crazy ! Anyway. I hope you're having a good start to the week. Good luck if you have a child or children going back to school tomorrow (or this week), you'll be in my thoughts !

See you tomorrow for the shop update ! Thanks for stopping by !



summer vibes

Saturday morning, la Grande Motte.

And a little refreshing, sparkling video for you now ...