the last three days of our Advent Calendar

I had to wait until today to find time to post the recap of the three final activities in our Advent Calendar.

Last  Friday (Day 22), the activity was making homemade Crunch-style chocolate. Basically, melt chocolate (we used organic 55% dark), and mix in with puffed rice. (we use organic whole) The process was super easy, the result was a hit ! Yay !

Last Saturday (Day 23), the activity was making photo holders with aluminium wire. Another easy, fast & rewarding activity, wonderful !

And the final day (Day 24), the activity was baking "pizza crackers" (vegan), and we used this recipe by Elephantastic Vegan. Very basic (and few) ingredients that most everyone has at home. Again, easy, relatively fast, and we ate them on Christmas Eve dinner.

I will make a recap post, including the activities from Advent Calendars past.

I hope you've had a beautiful Christmas day (or whatever you celebrated). Ours was simple, as usual, with my mom & inlaws at our place. It was grey, damp & cold, a good day for staying indoors, cozy.

With love,


mendiants, Poirot & more wood burning

Last Friday (Day 15), the activity in our Advent Calendar was to make "mendiants" (disks of chocolate with bits of nuts stuck in them). We had done them before, and they truly are a favorite. I had bought all the ingredients in bulk at the natural food store, therefore it was a real zero waste activity. It is a great gift (or activity) idea, that can be gifted in a tin box or a glass jar, it would look splendid !

We used walnuts, Brazil nuts, pine nuts & pistachios, dark chocolate, but you could use any other chocolate, other kinds of nuts, or dried berries (cranberries, goji etc), spices or salt, or anything, really ! That's so versatile ! We simply melted the chocolate & poured little amounts of it in a parchement paper covered tray. I put them 15mn in the fridge because we were eager to eat them, but you could leave them in a slightly cool room instead.

Yesterday (Day 16), the activity was to  go to the cinema to watch Murder On the Orient Express. (and eat out, as well) You can see the trailer here :

Today's activity (Day17) was to decorate a wooden candle holder with the wood burning too, again. (I know) They will be gifted to their grandmas (again) for Christmas.

Tomorrow will be the first day of the last week of our Advent Calendar, I can't believe how fast this went. I hope you've had a great weekend !

With love,


pesto, chocolate & a festive little corner

On Monday (Day 11 in our Advent Calendar), the activity was to bake "puff pastry pesto Christmas trees". (wow, try to say that fast ten times ! LOL) It was a little bit messy, a little bit tricky (the dough gets warm fast & is hard to manage !) but the result was delicious & it looked rather nice !

So we used ready made organic puff pastries, a tiny pot of organic pesto, and an egg (from organically grown hens). Unrolled the dough, spread pesto, cut straps, poked the straps with a bamboo skewer, laid flat on a baking tray over parchment paper, painted with egg yolk, and baked for 20mn in a oven preheated at 180°C/350°F. That's the recipe in a nutshell !

Yesterday (Day 12), it wasn't an activity, it was a chocolate rocher. (organic as well)

I'm also adding some photos of a festive little corner of our home. The ceramic bowls were thrifted, the folded book tree was made a couple of years ago by my sons during the Advent Calendar, as well as the painted pine cones, and the beeswax candles were purchased at Candle Paradise on Etsy. (here)

Voilà ! See you soon for the next activities ! Be well !

With love,