fossils hunting & fossil giveaway

Thank you for all the grass love, I'm glad I'm far from being the only one who loves grass of all kinds ! So many new names again (in the comments), you've made my heart swell, ladies !

So, the very same day of picking Arbutus unedo for dyeing, and taking photos of the grass, we also went fossils hunting. And yes, at the very same place, how lucky are we ? It's a special place we've known for years, a little bit secret, and where we love to go back from time to time, both for the scenery & for all the treasures it holds. Again, if you've been following me on my previous blog, you already know my love for fossils & fossils hunting.

We did find a tiny handful, and it was more than enough for us. We have quite a gigantic collection of fossils at home, so I'd like to give some away here (and on Instagram too). Therefore today we're having a ... GIVEAWAY, yay ! I want to share the beauties of our world with you all ! (well, one of you, that is !)

The prize is a tiny handful of ammonites & belemnoids, all being 200 millions years old. I do know how old they are because hubby and I have been coming there for a long time now, and we've made serious research, and found out that the sea was there 200 millions years ago, hence the presence of fossils in the grey marl.

In order to enter the giveaway, nothing fancy ... please ...

  • leave a comment
  • tell me from which country you're reading my blog from
  • tell me if you used to read my previous blog or if you are a new reader to my blog

Easy peasy, right ? Good luck to you all ! PS : you can increase your chance to win if you enter your name on Instagram too. (they are two distinct giveaways) Of course, if you want to tweet it, please feel free to do so !

Speaking of giveaways, if you're a knitter, you should go visit my friend Bonnie, whose birthday is today, and who's having a super giveaway (if you're a knitter, that is !) & a special sale on Ravelry. So please wish her a happy birthday, and enter her giveaway if you're so inclined (or interested !). Happy birthday Bonnie !

Before I go, I'll leave you with the last photos from that day ...



up in the castle

Yesterday we brought friends to a favorite place of ours : the Castle of Viviourès (12th century), or well, the well preserved ruins of it. You have to walk up to it, of course, but it's not that hard. It was a windy & cloudy day, so it was even windier over there at the top !

My 12 years old son sitting in the ruins of Castle of Viviourès (Hérault, France)

My 12 years old son sitting in the ruins of Castle of Viviourès (Hérault, France)


I hope you enjoyed the little tour with us. If there hadn't been so much wind, I would have brought my actual camera, but on macro mode the wind would have ruined all of my photos. So only iphone pics it was. You have to go with the flow, right ?

Have a great last day of June !



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