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Advent calendar 2018 - day 11 & 12

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We’ve now reached the middle of the calendar … time goes by so fast !

Activity of Day 11 was : eating mini christmas tree shaped shortbreads (from Marks & Spencer - photo on top)

Activity of Day 12 was : making a N O E L sign (with cardboard & gold paint) to display on top of the sideboard. (yes, always the same sideboard, it’s getting crowdy over there ! ahah)


The golden paint doesn’t show very much, but it was dark when I took the photos. We’ve reached the shortest days of the year for sure.

Wishing you a beautiful second half of the month !

With love,


Advent calendar 2018 - day 7, 8, 9 & 10

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If you wonder what were the activities of the last days, here they are …

Activity of Day 7 was : watching The Blue Carbuncle, which has been a family tradition for years now.

Activity of Day 8 was : painting on window panes (precisely the bathroom one) with Posca (which we’ve had for a couple of years now)


Activity of Day 9 was : cutting some small branches of the conifer hedge, and decorate the top of the sideboard with them. Easy peasy. (see photo on top)

Activity of Day 10 was : making a cardboard garland for the back of the (same) sideboard, which is now visible since we’ve moved furniture around, last month.


I’m not gonna lie, I had a bit underestimated how busy every day would be (they’re 14 & 16 after all), how unexpectedly busy weekends could turn out to be (film shooting in the house was NOT planned when I planned it all), but I’m (we are) still happy to do it all. I just wonder if it’ll be the last year in this very kind of form … (food for thought)

Have a great middle of the week & thanks for stopping by !

With love,


Advent calendar 2018 - day 5 & 6

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Activity of Day 5 was painting / decorating a white mug with porcelain mugs. We did that in the past, twice, and I cherish the mugs they had done.

 My youngest (14) painting his mug …

My youngest (14) painting his mug …

 This is the bottom of it ! They signed it & dated it.

This is the bottom of it ! They signed it & dated it.

Activity of Day 6 was cutting paper snowflakes. I know, this sounds rather dull & easy … but it’s always good fun !

 My eldest (16) cutting his snowflakes

My eldest (16) cutting his snowflakes


Wishing you all a beautiful weekend ahead ! It’s pretty busy right now over here, but I do my best for squeezing the activities (and the blogging !) ! I hope you enjoy following them along !

With love,