abstract photos & busy days

No week recap this week, I prefer to share with you the photos from the rose series. (see last Sunday) If you've reading me for a long while, you may remember that I sometimes take out of focus (on purpose) photos, for the artistic purpose. They look like abstract paintings to me.

Now, I know that abstract is not everyone's cup of tea. Years ago, I would really dislike it. I guess I've learned to love it ... I could spend a long time looking at these photos, and get lost in them. (or maybe I'm too tired, ha !)

Life's been pretty full these days. - On Wednesday, I've sewed for next shop update, and I took my eldest son to a little (clothes) shopping trip, he wears adult size now & part of his wardrobe needs to be refreshed. - Yesterday, I've been to the podiatry's (not sure of the name of this profession) to get the foot orthoses (a plantar fasciitis on my left foot has been very painful since early July & I couldn't stand the pain anymore), took photos of the items I made the day before, among many other things in the day. I also was told that my 96 y-o grandfather had a pulmonary distress (I don't know how to say it exactly) and was brought to the hospital. He is not doing too bad, apparently, and is on oxygen. - Today after a busy morning, I brought my youngest to pick his new glasses up. - In between all these, I've had loads of laundry, it must be the change of season, and because it was pretty sunny & warm (and that I want to take advantage of this before it turns too humid to dry and not cold enough for having the heater on - the tricky season for me) On my mind as well, my niece's upcoming birthday, my mother in law's birthday too, the first school break of the school year (in 2 weeks exactly), emptying my mom's garage of all stuff we don't need anymore (and will give away), and ... and ... and ... ... ... Oy, I feel a little bit overwhelmed.

I hope you're feeling more relaxed than I am at the moment ! Have a delightful weekend ! Thanks for reading !