long time no see, white magic

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you already know what day today was. It was a ... SNOW DAY ! We had been warned a couple of days ago, so we arranged things so that we wouldn't have to go out today. Boys are on school break anyway, but hubby did what he had to do for not having to go to work today. And boy was he right. (I even postponed our monthly haird cut appointment) We woke up to nothing, not even rain. Dry & cold as hell, so to speak. But we knew it was coming. And it did come ! ALL DAY LONG ! The fact that snow was sticking to the ground is pretty much exceptional in itself. So piling up the way it did had not been seen since 1986 ! 19.86 ! I was 8 back then ! I'm going to be 40 soon ! My goodness !

Snow is a super event over here. And at the first flake, I get all excited & totally turn into that 8 y-o girl I once was, who saw that much snow once in her life before. I took progress photos all day long. And it's over 11pm as I'm typing and it's still snowing. It's supposed to rain tomorrow morning, so by then it will all have gone. I know that we did enjoy it to the fullest. We did a snowball fight, built a littl snowcat (though sorry not photo of those). I know now how it feels like to feel like you're living inside a snow globe. That's how it felt today. So fluffy, so soft, so quiet, so dreamy, so simple yet so magical. But of course I understand that when you live in a place where it snows 6 months of the year, you undeniably get bored by that cold stuff. It's because it's so exceptional that we adore it. Please realize that our last proper snow was 32 years ago. That's a whole damn lot. And it will have lasted one day. See what I mean now ? For us, for me, it's magic. But no more words. Just pictures. And believe me, it was hard picking just a few out of the over 100 photos I've taken today !

We extra fed the birds, poor little things on such an exceptional day, after such cold days before that. They needed extra love & care. Pitou didn't care for the snow all day, until we decided to go out for the snowball fight. He didn't want to walk in the snow but then played with leftovers of snowballs, that was so cute to see !

The photo above wasn't even taken at the end of the day ! Crazy ! But what feels or looks crazier is the juxtaposition of snow and the swimming pool ! Nuts !

A good day, it was such a good day. We'll definitely remember February 28th 2018 with fond memories.

With love,


rolls and flurries

Today we had the extreme luck of getting some flurries ! Yes ! They didn't even reach the ground (it was very windy, though just above 0°C). When I was a little girl, it used to snow one day or two each year, but it actually snowed. Now, it is either no snow at all, or just some flurries. But, well, I'm happy with that anyway ! I filled the bird feeder twice today & added more fat balls for the blue tits. (the lights you can see on the photo below were indoors, from where I took my photo from !)

Today was Saturday therefore we had time for an activity that could take time. And today, Day N.2, was baking cinnamon rolls ! The boys were pretty happy ! Everyone helped, hubby included, a real family activity !

Here they are ! YUMMY ! And 100% organic as well. We'll have them for the next breakfasts, and we can hardly wait !

It was a very cozy day at home, one like I really adore. Christmas music on, flurries outside, observing birds from the bay windows, baking ... just pure perfection to me. Let me tell you that I count my blessings, more than once. I hope you do too.

With love,


always a faint memory

Today it snowed in many parts of Europe. London, Berlin, Milan ... and Montpellier too. But it didn't even stick to the ground (damned !!!) and didn't last more than a long hour. (shoots !!!) Oh well.

I only have these photos (and a couple of useless videos) for remembering it. I won't be able to say that it didn't snow in 2015 ... but really it hardly counts as a real snow day ! LOL

In case you missed it, there was another shop update yesterday, another line inside what I've decided to call the "Japan series" (Japan inspired accessories) Just see previous post.

Wishing you a lovely middle of the week !