which comment system would you prefer to use here ?

Hello everyone !

I would really appreciate if you could give me your opinion today, concerning what you prefer as commenting system on my blog. I must admitt I’m lost, because I ignore if you prefer one or the other, or if you don’t care at all.

It shall take you a couple of seconds, thank you for your time !

please choose your favorite

Thank you ever so much for your help & your understanding. I might post a couple of polls in the future.

With love,


advent calendar 2015 - day 15 and day 16

Since Tuesdays are a busy school day, the activity wasn't one & was replaced by a chocolate lollipop !

Today's activity  has to be done at a computer. My boys already did it in the past, but you may not remember or simply do not know. It can come in handy, you never know. It's "Make A Flake", an interactive snowflake maker. Here's a screenshot :

Today's Christmas music is "Sussex Carol", a Christmas carol rather famous in Great Britain. You know I'm not religious but I do enjoy the music & the young singers' voices ! Everytime I hear it, I feel transported to the Victorian area ... aaaaah ...

Two more days of school here in France, then it'll be Christmas break until January 03rd. The boys both got excellent grades, we are so proud of them, and they deserve a lovely break.

Have a lovely day !