Sunday afternoon little painting session

It hadn't happened in weeks or months, even, but on Sunday afternoon, I broke the paints, and started painting. Nothing fancy, I'm not really skilled, it's more like a child discovering paint & not knowing what to paint, actually.

No fancy explanation ... here are the paintings in the order I was inspired to do them ...

a vase with flowers that I will show you this week.

drawn to red, apparently ... and to monochromy as well.

one of my favorite of the bunch

cups & leaves, recurrent themes ...

... as I was saying !! LOL oh look, blue ! yellow !!

I hope this means a way for me to bounce. Taking myself too seriously has always been a mistake of mine. I'm not planning anything, and I'll see how things go ... Going with the flow ......... 

Thank you for your visit.


new : Maneki-neko & Usagi homewares & accessories, and a watercolor triptych

Oops, I didn't mean to disappear for almost a week ! I was pretty busy making for today shop update, so let's show you what was just added to the shop !

The little series of homewares & accessories above is "usagi" themed (usagi : rabbit in Japanese). It features a beautiful, dark blue fabric with painted rabbits & waves.

This other little series is Maneki-neko (neko : cat in Japanese) themed, featuring adorable Maneki-nekos !

And lastly, I have also added a little (original) watercolor triptych, painted on 265g/m2 Hahnmühle bamboo paper (90% bamboo fibre, 10% rag)

These are such nice gift ideas, or stocking stuffers if you do this tradition for the holidays. Anyway, Christmas is barely 79 days away now (that's crazy, I know !), and since I'm in France (and not in the country you're living), you must take into consideration the shipping time, which is just awful when November comes. Early birds is the right way to go !

Please note that if you mean to order several items from the shop, I'll advice you to contact me first with the names of the items, so that I can get back to you (right away) with the perfectly correct shipping fees (so that Bigcartel's probably false estimation won't scare you to death !! - Bigcartel can't handle shipping fees estimations very well when more than two items are purchased at the same time ...)

Thank you so much for your attention, and for your support, as ever !



I joined Jill's Drawing Club

Over a week ago, my friend Jill decided to create an Instagram account for a fun little project : a drawing club. I decided to join !

Here's how it works : she gives a theme every Monday, and participants have the whole week for drawing and/or painting something on the subject. The first theme (last Monday) was autumn, and I was able to do it on Sunday only, eek !

Watercolors and brush pen

Watercolors and brush pen

This week's theme was "My Treasured Things". I first thought it'd be a tough one, but after giving a little thought, I decided that my treasured things were my Japanese ceramic cups ! So here's a drawing/painting of four of them.

pencil & watercolors

pencil & watercolors

Above is a close up on two of my favorite cups ! I didn't outlined them, I thought it was better to leave them as is.

I think this club is a great project & a lovely initiative ! It is not pretentious, and gives everyone a chance. I first thought I'd didn't manage to make the time for it. First week almost was that way, but this week I was determined to make it happen before the day of the next theme ! LOL

If you want to join the Club, you need to be on Instagram, and then tag your finished artwork with #jillsdrawingclub hashtag.

I hope to see you there !

Thanks Jill for the creative boost !