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black matte beauty

I love handmade ceramics. I can't deny. New or thrifted, I love them ! I have already made a blog post about Sun Tree Studio (the brand of the talented Nata Pestune), based in Hamburg (Germany) back in January 2016.

Last week she updated her online shop, and I couldn't resist this gorgeous, matte black porcelain beauty that you can see all over my blog post. Look at that texture & that shape ! I tried to take a close up to let you appreciate the texture !

I'm looking forward to using this beautiful cup. In the meantime, if you want to get a similar one, or a different one, you can visit her shop  here !

You can also follow her on ★ Instagram or  Facebook.



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garden jewels

We are currently in the middle of a heatwave, which I do not enjoy, but that some of my garden buddies do love. You name them : cherry tomatoes ! I sowed them in March, and they are now almost as high as me ! (well, I'm very short, but stil !!) I am really really looking forward to harvest a first bunch, and it should be soon, with all the sun & heat we've been having (and will be having this week !)

They have bloomed (some are still in bloom), and many already hold little fruits ! It is so very exciting ! It's just incredible how these little seeds have grown into such strong plants with yellow star-shaped flowers, producing such wonderful fruits !

My first cherry tomatoes !!! I'm so proud !

Yesterday evening, as I was watering them, I noticed that they were glowing in the sun, just like they had been sprinkled with golden dust ! That was quite a pretty show, that I tried to capture for you :

Can you see the golden dust ? I think that's their way of breathing, and that what shines so much in the sun, is actually tiny drops of water ! (my two cents, hey)

Given their benefits for the health, I'm pretty happy I started growing these first !

What are you growing (for food) in your garden this summer ? Care to share ?



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my little piece of heaven

Late spring is a very enjoyable moment of the year in the region I live in (departement of Hérault, if you look on a map, southern France). Early autumn as well, by the way.

We worked our butts off at the end of winter & at the beginning of spring, for transforming one corner of our garden into a much more beautiful & enjoyable one. And we succeeded. And we are happy and proud of ourselves as well. I grew up having a garden, but didn't realize back then how wonderful it was. Now I do understand. And I try to spend every possible moment outside, even simply for hanging my laundry to dry (another thing that makes me happy & that I longed for for so many years !!). I'm so glad to get out & sit in my little piece of heaven !

I've grown ipomoeas from seeds & some of them are expanding exponentially ! I loooooove seeing these blue flowers pop every morning !

The photos above are from the front yard, and the photos below are in a back yard corner that was really neglected by the previous owners. Now this is the view (photo below) I get everytime I enter this little corner ! (we've added the bamboo fence too, and I think it has now a Japanese feeling to it) Just lovely, isn't it ? Can you notice the slightly different hue of blue ?

Now let me wish you all a beautiful weekend ahead (soon). I hope you enjoy seeing these photos as much as I enjoy my garden ! Please if you don't have the time to comment (or are unable), please consider clicking the little heart ♥ below ⤵︎ so that you know you stopped by & liked what I posted. (otherwise how could I know someone still visits this blog ?) Thanks a lot for your time & kindness.



around the garden, botanical inspiration, color inspiration

around the garden - early June

This spring's been pretty full, first with the garden landscaping (by ourselves), then with my mom moving to her brand new place. Both things are done, but both of them have been time consuming.

I don't know about you, but I haven't been able (both physically & mentally) to do more than a handful of things at the same time. Taking care of the house, the boys, the garden, the food, the laundry, and my mom, have been all I've been able to do at once. My creativity has suffered a lot, and I now can't believe it's been almost 10 months since we've moved here ! We have taken care of so many things since we arrived, that time has been flying by !

Anyway. Let's go to the point. Here are some photos from the garden, taken today, June 06th, on my hubby's 42nd birthday ! First my Nandina, which I bought last autumn & that was half its current size. It's its first time blooming, and I can't believe how intricate the buds & the blossoms are !

I also wanted to show you the Buddleia that is starting to bloom ! We bought it early this spring, and I'm glad that it adapted just fine (we had a second one), and that it's blooming right now. I can't wait to see all the butterflies & insects that it is supposed to attract !

Isn't it just lovely ?!

I hope this blog post finds you all happy & healthy ! Thanks a lot for stopping by ! Visit again soon for more garden loveliness !!



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Bambouseraie - April 2017

It was already a month & a half ago, and I almost feel ashamed I didn't post these photos earlier. But you know ... life happens, right ?

The Bambouseraie is a special place, a huge bamboo park, where you feel you've travelled far away without actually having to travel that far. Let me share some photos, if you please.

It was still spring, cherry trees were in full bloom, wisteria & camelias as well. It was a quiet day without any tourists, a very enjoyable moment.

I love this place, it always somehow feels magical. I could take photos of everything, again & again. (which is what I do already, actually LOL)

I can't deny that it feels like travelling to Japan without acutally going there. Everything is here to remind you of it : maple tree, cherry tree, bamboos, camelias, torii (a traditional Japanese gate found at the entrance or within a Shinto shrine) ...

I hope you enjoyed the little photo tour. It's deep summer already here. Thank goodness for the swimming pool & outdoor space in the shade. We are so happy we moved to this little house & its little garden & its little swimming pool !