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summer trip 2017 // 5

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Today I'm going to show you some photos from Figeac, and from the house we rented.

Figeac is a town in south-western France, with beautiful old buildings, and a museum (the Champollion Museum) that we visited, dedicated to Jean-François Champollion, known primarily as the decipherer of Egyptian hieroglyphs. We could walk (literally) on a large reproduction of the Rosetta Stone !

As for the house we rented, it was a beautiful old barn that had been renovated with lots of taste & love. The barn was built in 1872, so the renting place was called "le 18_72" ! This is a drawing of the place, seen from one side. The photo coming after was taken from the other side.

It was slightly isolated, which was what we were looking for (for the peacefulness), and surrounded with fields or woods. Just perfect.

You can visit their website here if you want to see more photos !

We saw lots & lots of birds, but my best photo captures are from this guy (that I haven't identified). I slightly cropped the photos in order to have a little close-up on it.

I hope you've enjoyed these photos.

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summer trip 2017 // 4 + desktop wallpapers from the lake

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Well, October clearly slipped away, I knew it would be busy though. Here comes a batch of my favorite photos from our trip this summer (aside from family ones, I mean). They were taken around Lac du Tolerme.

I turned many of these photos into desktop wallpapers, that you can find in the GOODIES + section of the site.

Throwing some rocks into the lake was of course a favorite moment for my youngest ! I managed to capture one hitting the water ... Splash !

How I love reflections in the water ... and the contrast makes my heart swell. One of my favorite photos is the one below, of ferns.

I hope you enjoyed them all. I'm glad to share them with you through desktop wallpapers. I will try to post once or twice more this week, I still have so many photos to share !

Wishing you a delightful week ahead ! Be well.



summer trip 2017 // 3

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Hello everyone ! Happy autumn, and happy October as well !

I hope you are all doing fine. It's been a busy couple of weeks since I've been repainting two sets of two wooden shutters (sanding, one layer on each side, a second layer on each side, all iron details ... ugh). Anyway. They're painted now, the second set is about to be hung again tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, here are more photos of our summer trip (back in July, I know, I know). They are flower themed, today. All of these flowers were growing just around the house we had rented. The ones below were so so tiny, but I wanted to capture the papery texture of the petals. (you can click to enlarge)

It was yarrow season, back then, and it was all around, fresh or already fading.

I love close ups, and I couldn't resist taking photos of these, growing in the grass. Can you spot the tiny spider ??

And last but not least, a real sunshine in itself !! Perfection !

Wishing you a delightful end of the week. Thank you for stopping by !