summer trip 2017 // 9

Hi ! Today I'm taking you to Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, another stunning village of the Lot department ! Not saying much more, just sharing photos !

Incredible spider's web gate, isn't it ?!

Was attracted by the textures & movement on this worn out wooden shutter !

Rosy cheeks ...

Stained glass over the church floors ...

Did you like the tour ? I hope so. I also hope you are doing fine. Thank you for your visit, dear you all.



summer trip 2017 // 8

Posting two days in a row, woohoo !

Today's photos were taken in the beautiful old village of Carennac, in the Lot department. We love this kind of villages, with still lots of historical buildings, it's like walking down the time, and going back to ancient times ...

It is supposed to be "one of the most beautiful villages of France", and I quite agree !

We visited the cloister (12th-15th century), which is always a moment of peace. (PS : we are not religious)

Another beautiful visit !

Have a great end of your weekend ! Thank you for your visit ! Hope you liked the little tour !



summer trip 2017 // 5

Today I'm going to show you some photos from Figeac, and from the house we rented.

Figeac is a town in south-western France, with beautiful old buildings, and a museum (the Champollion Museum) that we visited, dedicated to Jean-François Champollion, known primarily as the decipherer of Egyptian hieroglyphs. We could walk (literally) on a large reproduction of the Rosetta Stone !

As for the house we rented, it was a beautiful old barn that had been renovated with lots of taste & love. The barn was built in 1872, so the renting place was called "le 18_72" ! This is a drawing of the place, seen from one side. The photo coming after was taken from the other side.

It was slightly isolated, which was what we were looking for (for the peacefulness), and surrounded with fields or woods. Just perfect.

You can visit their website here if you want to see more photos !

We saw lots & lots of birds, but my best photo captures are from this guy (that I haven't identified). I slightly cropped the photos in order to have a little close-up on it.

I hope you've enjoyed these photos.

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