in the chaos, something pleasant to look at

Although I'm not frantically filling up boxes (we're still a little over two months away from moving !), I've packed 20 of them already, and I have been sorting so many, so many things. Moving to a smaller house is a wonderful thing, it really is (or at least that's what I think), because it forces you to get to the essential (or sort of), but boy oh boy it is hard work. I know my work (which basically is invisible to everyone BUT me, even here at home, and even though boxes that are piling up are rather visible !) will be rewarded (well, for my own satisfaction, as you guess ...) once we'll have moved in.

Although I was obliged to make my creative space disappear (for making room for ... boxes), I have NOT packed (all) my fabrics & anything else I could use for doing something creative. These two months could be long, and I just might get inspiration when I expect it the less. Anyway.

I felt the need to get myself a little bouquet of peonies (5 euros / 5,60$ , to be honest), for having, at least one pleasant corner of our place to look at. I could not resist taking photos & sharing them with you.

The blue ceramic vase was handmade by monks in Burgundy. I love it.

School is now out. On Thursday we're being delivered a new sofa (we've been sofa-less for a month), and on Friday new beds for the boys. Also this Friday will be my eldest's 14th birthday ... tempus fugit ... oh dear.

Just for a moment
I'm looking at the peonies
Nothing's eternal ..

That was my haiku for today. You're welcome.