week recap : June 6th-12th

Dang ! Week recap time again ! It's a good moment for me to rewind time & see what happened in the lapse of a week. I'm glad you also like these posts.

Summer fruits, so many of them now, all local & organic, just blissful. The upside of living in a place with warm climate.
Photo on the far right is me sipping an organic peach iced tea, by the open window (Pitou oblige), on a day it rained shortly, this week. (and temps had dropped almost 10°C in an hour, hoorray !!)

Speaking of unstable weather, I am ever so happy to say that it's not been too hot this week, since it's been rainy, specially yesterday. So much water, and temps going down down down.

Pitou was intrigued by all that thunder, rain & wind mess !
My youngest was home with fever, and my oldest off school in the afternoon, so I was pretty grateful we didn't have to go out when it happened !
Perfectly cozy & blissful time to light this maple syrup candle I had bought in Canada, at ROOTS shop in the summer 2011.

Road sign street art on my way to hair appointment.
Liberty of London / linen fabric storage bins that I have added to the shop on Thursday.
Ivy growing in a street nearby.

Ceramic bowls I found for 2 euros, at the boot sale hubby & I sold to. Yes, we sold some of our things, in the blazing sun, ugh it was so very hot & there was no shade at all. Anyway.
Out of focus photo was taken from the sofa on an evening I had everything done, and could relax for a bit.
Book on the naturally tie-dyed linen cushions that I dyed 2 or 3 years ago & that were unsold.

On Thursday evening was U (my youngest)'s school concert. It was held in the school playground for the first time, and the weather was just lovely, sunny, warm with a light breeze. I was slightly melancholic since he's spending his last weeks in this school. He'll be with his big bro from September, and it means the end of an area for me. Both the boys went to this school, from 2009 till 2014. I know I must not be emotional, but I guess I am anyway.
After the concert, I snapped this photo of a little boy doing hopscoth. Two seconds & snap, a nice photo !
Another photo taken from the playground, looking up.

A vintage ring bell in our building. Love this old style, very much.
Also in our building, a detail of a very patchworky stone floor. Love it.
Creeper growing in a street nearby. Love urban nature too. My way to cope with living in town.

Time to wish you a beautiful rest of your weekend ! June is so so full !



week recap : May 30th-June 5th

A little delay in posting this week recap, because Pitou (our cat) had a minor surgery yesterday & because it kind of messes with schedules & how you feel when your furry baby is not well. But he's now home, and the anaesthesic is over now (he's such a mess afterwards, poor baby !)

This week's been pretty busy also because hubby & I have been powerwalking (walking at random in town, discovering streets & areas, and walking a lot) instead of working out. So here are shots taken during these several power-walks this past week.

Now is also the time for summer fruits & summer meals ! Yay ! Organic & local apricots & cantaloupe just made their appareance on our table ! That's the upsides of living in a warm climate !

Summer also means summer flowers, and my first Morning Glories (ipomoea) just started blooming ! They are as special when they are wide open as when they are fading & dyeing away. Such a textile feeling to them.

And last but not least, I've been happily busy this week with some orders, which have felt so nice ! Thank you for always supporting my work !

I have added ceramic necklaces this week, if you missed them.

There are lots of other lovely things in the shop, that are perfect for summer, like light scarves & ceramic necklaces for your neck, happy paintings for your wall, zipped pouches of all sizes for your travels, fabric storage bins for your home ! Or all of them as gifts !

Today's my hubby's 40th birthday, so I better go, it's time to celebrate !!

Be well, and have a great weekend !



week recap - April 04th-11th

week recap - April 04th-11th

Thanks for your feedback & comments on my last post, I certainly didn't want to make anyone feel bad or owing me something, that's not what I meant. If you read my blog from a feed reader, I understand you can't comment. If you can't leave a comment for whatever reason, I understand too. Maybe why not leaving a "like/heart" when you can't comment, that way I know someone has read my post & liked it but was unable to comment. It's like a little "free love" or a quick token of appreciation. What do you you think ?

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