you can make something beautiful from the broken pieces

I already blogged this photo six years ago, but I thought you'd like to see it today in case you've never seen it.

It was a little free form, jigsaw-inspired shape made of broken mussels pieces, that I had collected on beaches back then. I specially love the pattern on the piece on top of the photo.

A little blue inspiration for you today ... which I hope is a good day !



spring colors from last week : blue

spring colors from last week : blue

Knock knock ... I don't know how many of you actually read my blog ... but these days, to be honest, it's a bit disheartening. It takes me time to make a proper blog post, it costs me money (I won't lie) & time, and even though I do it with all of my heart, having almost no feedback anymore is wearing me out. I've never had dozens of comments, but it now feels like a desert, with a solitary comment most of the time.

I love sharing all these photos with you, and everything I do & go. I have always loved & will always love. This will never change !

If you make the big effort of coming here & visiting & reading, then please from time to time, take a second to post a little hello or anything else that you have on your heart ! Blogging is a two direction thing. The blogger provides a blog post, and the readers have something to read in return. If you enjoy reading my posts or looking at my photos, all I ask in return is just a little word from time to time.

But let's be clear, I do not write a blog post just to have comments. Because if it was the case, I would have stopped WAY long ago. So many of the people & friends who followed me from my early blogging days have stopped blogging themselves altogether.

Sorry about this rant, but I have had this on my heart for a long time & finally expressing feels good. I certainly don't want to vex anyone, or to feel like I have an oversized ego, but this is the way I've been feeling for a long time. I am really thankful for each of your comment, but if you don't comment, how would I know that you took time to visit ?! How can I return the visit then ?

OK. Enough of that now. Onto the photos from last week, today on the theme of BLUE color !

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blue paintbrush

For my birthday last month, I gifted myself (yep) a couple of ceramics. These two cups were part of my little loot this year :

Crochetted stone & indigo shibori panel by Margie Oomen / Resurrection Fern

Crochetted stone & indigo shibori panel by Margie Oomen / Resurrection Fern

I noticed later my fingerprint ... eheh

I noticed later my fingerprint ... eheh

Aren't they mesmerizing ?! I could stare at them for hours.

These stoneware ceramics are made in Japan, and they are sold on Sucre Glace website (actually based in Parisian suburbs). You can find these cups here, among lots of very lovely things ! I also got this sweet, marshmallow mug that I adore.

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I've been busy at the sewing machine these last days (yay !) and I will have hopefully a shop update planned before the end of the week, most probably on Thursday if everything goes as planned. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ... or Google + for being notified of the shop update. (see the "Social" dropdown menu above ?)

In the meantime, I go again & wish you a pretty great middle of the week !