ready to pick !

Yay ! Our very first homegrown-from-seeds cherry tomatoes were ready to pick today ! We were so excited !

Obviously they were delicious ! What a joy to grow your own food (even though such a ridiculous part of it) ! We are so proud of our little plants & hope we'll be able to eat tons & tons of them all summer long !

Have a great week ahead, I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Thank you for your visit.



garden jewels

We are currently in the middle of a heatwave, which I do not enjoy, but that some of my garden buddies do love. You name them : cherry tomatoes ! I sowed them in March, and they are now almost as high as me ! (well, I'm very short, but stil !!) I am really really looking forward to harvest a first bunch, and it should be soon, with all the sun & heat we've been having (and will be having this week !)

They have bloomed (some are still in bloom), and many already hold little fruits ! It is so very exciting ! It's just incredible how these little seeds have grown into such strong plants with yellow star-shaped flowers, producing such wonderful fruits !

My first cherry tomatoes !!! I'm so proud !

Yesterday evening, as I was watering them, I noticed that they were glowing in the sun, just like they had been sprinkled with golden dust ! That was quite a pretty show, that I tried to capture for you :

Can you see the golden dust ? I think that's their way of breathing, and that what shines so much in the sun, is actually tiny drops of water ! (my two cents, hey)

Given their benefits for the health, I'm pretty happy I started growing these first !

What are you growing (for food) in your garden this summer ? Care to share ?



see my seedlings !

Except for the last years' little windowsill urban gardening (growing chives, basil etc), I never grew anything from seeds. Then this spring, I've started with radishes, and then cherry tomatoes, mild chilis, ipomoeas, and very lately, cosmos & perennial linen flowers.

Since the photos were tken, all of the (too many, rookie's mistake !) cherry tomatoes have been transplanted to larger places, some have such a strong & wide stem now, I still can't believe it !

Chilis, on the other side, have been taking their time. They are still in the green house, waiting to be stronger & larger before moving out ! But also since the photos were taken (on May 06th actually), they have grown extra leaves, and moved to slightly bigger pots. Harvest shall not be before August (though I expect earlier, given our kind of weather), so they clearly have some time ahead !!

I decided to sow cosmos & perennial linen flowers, in order to complete the flowerbed. They will try to fill the gaps before the other plants & flowers. Or so I hope them to ! And, as expected, they (well, more particularly the cosmos) have grown a bunch since the day I took all these photos.

Linen to the left, cosmos to the right. I shall get three shades of cosmos : white, light pink & darker pink. I love cosmos, I'm really looking forward to growing them all summer & autum long !

Well, I most obviously will keep you posted about their progress ! Until then, I'll thank you for taking time to stop by ! Hoping you are doing fine !