mid-July update


Ahem, it looks like I neglected this blog once again … but to my defense, June was a month of exams for my boys, of work busy-ness for hubby, therefore it didn’t leave me with much free or stressless time. But here I am now !

So, what have we been up too ?

Well we have now a 17 y-o son (geez it almost feels unreal to say that), who got the best grades (20/20) at his written & oral French exams (that are part of the Baccalaureat diploma). We are so very proud of him ! He worked super hard & got rewarded for that hard work.

We’ll soon have a 15 y-o (double geez !) as well… who also had super excellent grades to his very first exams ! (practically 20/20 too) Needless to say that we are equally proud of him !

What else ? We’ve had a terrible heatwave late June / early July, and the temperature went up to 43c (109.5f), which is something none of us had ever experienced. Let me tell you, that was pretty awful for nature. Many vineyards & cultures (fruits or veggies) got severely burnt.


We will be going to our (probably) one and only summer trip (till hubby will work in Lille, across the country, we’ll have budget restrictions) next week. We are going to a rather rural area, around 200km away (not that awfully far) for four days.

Hubby is now on summer holiday, thank goodness ! It’s been a challenging year, but I find we’ve all done pretty well at adapting to the new situation. Hubby worked very hard, and shall be a little less present in Lille, starting September. That is a super good news because being home with us only two days a week was not our idea of happiness.

I use my (ten years old imac, repaired twice, almost died once) computer a lot lot less than in the past (I think there might be weeks or months without me turning it on !!) that’s why I also haven’t blogged as often as I used to. I’m typing this from the ipad my mom gifted me for my birthday, and I need to create a new habit of using it for blogging.


Pitou is doing pretty well, and he’s still the king of his garden ! Speaking of garden, the only edible thing I have planted this year are cherry tomatoes and I pick lots of them every single day !

There you go … you got our lastest news … what have YOU been up to ? I hope you will share in the comments ! Happy summer to you !



summer trip 2017 // 7

Happy Saturday everyone ! Today I'll be sharing more summery-feeling photos, which is pretty normal since they were taken in the heart of summer ! I need to finish posting photos about our summer trip soon because I feel completely not in synch with the current season ! LOL

I took these photos just a hundred of meters away from the house we were renting. It was all so beautiful at this time of year !

This field of clover (I think it was a type of clover) was sooooooo fragrant, it was amazing. It smelled so honey-like ! Transporting. An olfactive memory of our summer trip.

Only this last photo was taken in the garden of the house. They grow naturally blue, the soil must be acidic. We can't grow them this blue where we live, even if adding something extra acidic.

I could lose my mind in this blue .... mmm. Leaving you today on this little bit of natural magic ... have a great weekend !



summer trip 2017 // 3

Hello everyone ! Happy autumn, and happy October as well !

I hope you are all doing fine. It's been a busy couple of weeks since I've been repainting two sets of two wooden shutters (sanding, one layer on each side, a second layer on each side, all iron details ... ugh). Anyway. They're painted now, the second set is about to be hung again tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, here are more photos of our summer trip (back in July, I know, I know). They are flower themed, today. All of these flowers were growing just around the house we had rented. The ones below were so so tiny, but I wanted to capture the papery texture of the petals. (you can click to enlarge)

It was yarrow season, back then, and it was all around, fresh or already fading.

I love close ups, and I couldn't resist taking photos of these, growing in the grass. Can you spot the tiny spider ??

And last but not least, a real sunshine in itself !! Perfection !

Wishing you a delightful end of the week. Thank you for stopping by !