support handmade Sunday // Suntree Studio ceramics

I can not resist beautiful handmade ceramics, that's a fact. Even more when they are on sale because they (supposedly) have flaws. I love flaws ! I do ! Who doesn't have flaws anyway ?

Back in mid-December, I therefore bought this bowl above, and another that is almost similar, from Suntree Studio shop, in Germany (Nata Pestune being the ceramist). I got them safely two days before Christmas, very well wrapped, it was perfect.

Those (so-called) little flaws are, in my opinion, what makes the ceramic be more "alive". I consider them as freckles & it makes me smile. Wabi-sabi all the way. Beautiful in its perfect imperfection.

Nothing better than a lovely handful of organic clementines from Corsica (an island beloning to France) for enhancing its natural beauty, specially on grey days like we've been having (for too long).

Now I invite you to visit Nata's beautiful website & beautiful shop ...

S U N T R E E    S T U D I O
✗ website ✗ shop ✗ instagram ✗

Have a lovely rest of your weekend ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your supportive comments to my last post. I really needed to have this off my chest, so that you could understand why my shop feels like being "frozen" for months. You all are gems. Love you.



PS : this post also is the first one in the new category "support handmade Sunday" ... :)