week recap : October 9th-16th

This recap will reflect the change of the season. It was 25°C on Monday afternoon, and it was 3,5°C on Friday morning (today). Quite a difference, isn't it ?!

Last weekend we went to the beach ... (we didn't bath, but my youngest & hubby walked in the water & said it wasn't that cold)

But since last week, the flannel fitted sheets were put back, the winter jackets made their reappearance (and they look that they may be too small this year ...), the blankets on the sofa are in full use, and today the heat was turned on at last ! This cold spell may not last for long here, but I do enjoy it anyway !

The birds have felt the cold coming, and are eating all the European nettle tree fruits/drupes they can find. (and these trees are generally generous !). Pitou is cozie than ever, and the clementines/citrus season is making me ridiculously happy & cheerful !

This past week I also introduced a new line of homewares & accessories (if you missed it, it's here).

School (autumn) break starts tonight, and I'm longing to wake up without an alarmn most of the break (execpt the days hubby leaves at 5am for Paris, and the days we'll go on a getaway). But other than that, it should be rather busy. I have lots of things to scratch off my lists, work-wise and homemaking-wise.

Wishing you a lovely & colorful end of your week ! Thanks for stopping by !



week recap : September 26th - October 8th

It's been a couple of weeks since I last made a week recap. The following photos are mostly from the past week, though.

I'm seeing some kind of scheme in my week recap posts : food, Pitou, Cozy Memories, weather.

I'm so glad the citrus season is upon us, I had been craving clementines for weeks ! To think I used to hate them, that's quite hilarious to me ! These days, when I crave something sweet, I try to grab one, eat it slowly, and then intoxicate myself with the peels, smelling them & smelling them again & again, like free aromatherapy, like smelling sunshine !

clockwise from top left : colors !! / homemade chantilly cream / clementine / pomelos grapefruit with endives & cumin gouda cheese

My sweet Pitou, in all his cute splendor ! I love him so !

Still lives at home. Variable weather ...

clockwise from top left : I have re-labelled all of the available naturally dyed scarves in the shop, and it took me quite a while ! (but I'm glad it's done properly now) / I have been busy making for this week's shop update (see previous post) / I've decided to wrap the naturally dyed scarves in handmade cotton drawstring bags again (when parcel weight limit allows, that is, which is 99% of the time)

School autumn break will start in a week from now. Until then, and during the break, I shall be busy !!

Have a beautiful weekend ahead !



week recap : September 19th-25th

Sorry if I didn't post much this week. I got busy for the shop update, then got carried away by other offline things. There are weeks like that ... A little recap is in order !

- Trying to eat as much summer local organic goodness as we can. Tomatoes, cantaloupes, and more.
- I have hardly done as many loads of laundry as this week. Taking advantage of the warm & dry weather this week for changing all bed linens (and putting the duvets back on ! yay !), washing the pillows, etc. I also took advantage of my very bad mood yesterday (for various reasons + PMSing) for sorting the boys' wardrobes (they grow so fast, don't they ?!), and purging my bed linen closet as well. LOTS has been packed for giving away. I feel doubly good about it.
- Stair case in my building
- Wall in my street

Yesterday was my beloved mom's birthday ! We celebrated it on Wednesday because we had more time for enjoying it (boys are off school in the afternoon). So we baked together (her & I) a tarte tatin, that we savoured with homemade chantilly cream, and a scoop of French made artisan ice cream. It was delicious & we all had a fabulous time. I'm her only child, so who will take care of her (birthdays included) if not me ?!!

I moved my sewing machine to a brighter spot of the apartment, and that's where I sewed all the lovely homewares that I have added to the shop this past Wednesday ! Storage bins, coasters & a mini Crafter's Kit, making the SIMPLICITY line bigger. (organic cotton chambray & organic cotton twill) You can see them here !

Nothing much more to add for today. The blog's been so quiet. Sometimes it does make me sad, I must say.
All those bloggers (friends) that used to be, at some point. And so many have gone, have stopped, or don't take the time anymore. Blogging is not a priority for me, I must tell you (in case you ever wondered), but I have always made time for it, in the good and in the tough moments of my life.

I just hope that not everyone will be too much seduced by the appeal of Instagram's express posting. I've been on Instagram for many years now & it has not stopped me from blogging. (there, I said it) Because blogging is just not the same, it's higher quality content. (in my opinion)

Have a glorious weekend ! ☀️