Despite all the questions I have been asking myself (see the last two posts), I have managed to make something with my hands. Probably this kept me busy, while keeping me thinking … Anyway. Here are new coasters in the shop, perfect for lighting up gloomy winter days, with its springy colors !

Please, meet “Louise” coasters !


The fabrics I used were thrifted textiles, and have transformed them to make coasters & give them a new life ! They’re ready to fly to your coffee table, they are super cozy & homey.

One set is currently available, but it is possible for me to make more of them. Please visit the shop for more photos & details !


With love,


up and running again


Hello everyone ! I just finished fixing the shop (after my major mistake yesterday), and actually took advantage of the time spend at the computer for changing things around (as I like to do), for doing some “spring-cleaning” !

The shop is a little bare these days but I hope to add new things in a near future. Thank you always for your patience & understanding. In the meantime, there are still in the shop a handful of lovely little things ready to be shipped, such as this set of coasters made with Japanese fabrics & upcycled textiles !


Wishing you a good end of the week & a great start to the weekend ahead ! Thank you for your visit today !

With love,


refreshed visual identity

I promised to be back here more regularly, and I’m trying to stick to it. Blogging is a habit I’ve lost along the months. It requires a bit more time & manipulations but I think it’s worth it. I hope you’re still here, or will be back.

We moved clocks backwards this past night, and the weather also changed from summer to winter, I am not kidding, in the matter of three days. It was sunny & 25°C last Thursday, and it’s rainy & 12°C today on Sunday. That’s southern France for you !

Anyway. I’ve stopped here today not for talking about the weather but for showing you the logo stamp I’ve carved this morning, since I’ve refreshed Cozy Memories visual identity (first with the logo itself) :


It’s far from perfect but I’ve learned to accept the flaws of things in general, including the things I make. I’m not a robot !


I hope you’re having a lovely weekend. It’s raining, hubby’s home, and we’re planning to play some board games with a cup of cider soon. Perfectly autumnal, blissful !

With love,