such a damp autumn

I don’t think we’ve ever had Octobers & Novembers so damn damp ! It’s been raining on & off for two months, and sometimes pretty heavily, not the Parisian drizzle kind. Not the usual kind of weather in southern France ! I hope it is about to change soon, because we need the sun as well, blue skies & dry laundry ! Everything is so soaky wet !

I took some photos yesterday, after the rain, so here my favorite ones.


Raindrops all over the Ligustrum Japonicum. (Japanese privet)

Can you see our palm tree in the drop ?!


These are agatheas and they are really tiny flowers, so the droplets are really teeny tiny !


Thank you for your visit, ladies, and may the sun shine upon your village, your town, your garden, and your face !

With love