summer trip 2017 // 2

Oops, time's slipping away once again. Here comes the second batch of photos from our summer trip. These photos were taken in the lovely little town of Salers.

Where to start about Salers ? We love its (sometimes dark) grey stone houses & buildings !

So much caracter & charm !!

We also love its biscuits, really thin butter shortbread squares.

We usually go to a favorite restaurant, Le Bailliage. The food is local & incredible, but the wait is horrendous. We always try to eat outdoors, it's so much nicer, specially in summer !

And lastly, what we like about Salers, is all the little shops of artisans. Of course, I have a soft spot for ceramics, so that's what I took photos of (and what I brought back home too !) These snapshots were taken in the little shop of ceramist Zurutuza Florence, with her permission. I bought a mug & a pair of earrings. I could have easily bought everything but well, you know it's impossible, ahah ! - She doesn't have a website, she sells only in her shop, for the moment.

That's all for today ! I hope you enjoyed ! See you soon, well, sort of. You get the idea. Be well, everyone !