once school break is over


I should have known better … the last two weeks were my teen boys school break.
Do you really think I had a break from daily life ? Do you think I had extra time for working ? Erm, the answer is NO.

They had to update their glasses so that was done during the school break. So many other things were done (at home, by me), but none of them were related to work. We played ping pong as soon as the wind could allow (oh that wind … pffff), we played UNO, we ate popcorn, we watched a couple of movies, we only regretted that hubby wasn’t with us. He had to stay in Lille for almost the entirety of the school break. Sigh.


But now the break is over, and I have to get myself back to work !

I have been browsing my computer files, my blogs archives, my Flickr archives (& favorites), hoping to declutter a bit (computer), and hoping to find ideas from the past to resurrect ! I have such a nostalgia for the 2010’s (and even earlier), that I’m actually having a wonderful time walking down memory lane.

… Am I the only one in this situation ? (please say no !)

Today my maternal grandpa would have been 100 years old, but he passed away on January 04th. Thinking about him today. And about my father too. He would have been 77 years old in January, but he didn’t have a chance to turn 70, sadly.

I love my life right now, but some days I wish I could go back in time. Knowing my dad would get ill, I would have told him to enjoy his life more fully, specially the last ten years that I think he didn’t really enjoy.

On a lighter note, I’m so happy about the life my mom lives now. She helps me with the boys, and with grocery shopping (I don’t drive) and I see her almost everyday ! She therefore sees her two grand-children on a (almost) daily basis, which I think is just awesome. They have such a great & fun & loving relationship, that I wish I had had with my paternal grandparents (my maternal grandparents were sweet & loving, on the other hand).

We both feel very lucky & grateful to be so close for one each other, and we absolutely don’t take it for granted. We’ve moved so many times, after all !

OK, enough talking for one day, I should get going ! Thanks a lot for visiting today ! Have a wonderful week !


is it May or February ?


On this last day of February, I’m wondering what month we actually are : May or February ? It’s been very warm for the season, and I know that some of you in the UK or the Netherlands (or even anywhere in France, coucou je sais que vous êtes là !) have been experiencing unseasonal warm temps.

mini daffodils bought last year, that grew back this year !

Good thing for the laundry, and the plants suddenly think we’re at the end of spring, but it is not reasonable to think it’s going to last ! And I wouldn’t want it to last ! I’m in short sleeve teeshirt & flip flops … I actually have put my wooy slippers for a couple of months only. Then back to the flip flops … oh well.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying my blooming flowers & plants. I recently bought some new, that I will be sharing soon.


I hope everything is fine in your life & in your corner of the world. I hope you’re having a nice so far.


winter school break is here


Winter school break is here but it’s really hard to know because it was actually 23°C (73,5°F) his afternoon … really unseasonable, even for the south of France.

Therefore laundry was done with a happy heart (knowing it would dry in no time), and daisy picking was a lovely thing to do today. At least my little flowers are local (they grow in our lawn !!), without chemical (we don’t use any), and they will brighten our living room & bathroom (where I put them) for a handful of days ! Besides, there are lots left in the garden !


So our youngest got his upper braces on (lower ones on May 15th), and well, poor thing, it takes some time to get used to them. I feel for him, even though I know it’s for his own good & future wellness.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend ahead ! Thank you for your visit !