week recap : May 16th-22nd

I must say I've been pretty busy this past week, mostly making for the shop. I had little ups & downs, but I've been trying to see things from a different angle. For this, I am happy.

Fact is I've always felt like a little embarrassed to share all the shop updates here & everywhere, I don't know why. As if I was bothering you. But I'm done with the shame or embarrassment, because there is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of. I make things with all my heart, I am a maker and also a shop owner, so my purpose is also to try to sell what I make, that's all.

Anyway. After a whole week of shameless self promotion, here's this week recap, since we are Friday.

TOP : chasing rainbows under the table / interesting shadows from the painted windowpanes in our bedroom
BOTTOM : I love the bottom of my ceramic cups as much as the cups themselves / a vintage blue Vereco glass that I found last month at Emmaüs, I love it so.

PITOU, my sweet little furry baby.

TOP : first tomato tart of the season (you can find the recipe under the Recipe folder) / being more inclined to work out
BOTTOM : pink & grey combo, seen in town / strawberry season at its best

TOP : last weekend, making the Fuji-san & Kokeshi storage bins, zipped pouches & pencil cases (all in the shop)
BOTTOM : while doodling on Thursday evening, I came up with this. I didn't sktech or planned, I simply doodled along. Not sure if I will ever use it, but I liked how it looked. Handmade, not perfect, just right.

I wish you all a beautiful weekend ahead. Thank you for your visit.