cosmos in November (& 2 free desktop wallpapers)


OK, trying to be a little more regular than what I used to be …

Besides the dampness of this autumn, we can also note that it’s been a warm autumn as well (no climate change, hello, ugh ?) … flowers are still blooming, including my cosmos.

I like to cut them when they’ve freshly opened, and I love to bring them indoors where we are able to enjoy them a little more. I have them in our bathroom & in our living room. They’re small (or even, tiny) bouquets, but that’s the way I love them.

I have made two desktop wallpapers if you want to save them & use them. You can find them in the GOODIES section of the site.


Other than that … well we’re knee deep in a school exams week, and in colds, coughs & co. (me included) Nothing major though, but still very annoying when you’re in exams period. I’m also trying to finish a new version of their (activity) Advent Calendar … they are 14 & 16 now, so I have to adapt to many things, their willingness, their free time, etc … wish me luck !

Wishing you a lovely middle of the week !
With love,


happy equinox (+ rosemary desktop wallpaper)

Happy equinox everyone, may it be Spring one or Autumn one ! (if you live in the southern hemisphere)

We bought a couple of flowers yesterday & sowed our very first seeds of the season, yay ! This spring, I went for cherry tomatoes (again), cosmos flowers (again), pink ipomoeas (I hope they'll make more leaves & cover more than the Morning Glories), and zinnias, which I hope will thrive !

Our Japanese maple, after a difficult summer, is making buds & leaves again. Phew. The buds are just starting to unfurl, they are so adorable & touching to see :

The rosemaries are in full bloom (I plan to have more, because it does well in the heat, and keep their leaves all year around, which is fantastic !), which is lovely to see.

This last photo above is available as Desktop Wallpaper in the Goodies section of the site. I hope you'll enjoy as much as I enjoy having it in my garden !

Have a lovely day ! Thank you for your visit today !

With love,


summer trip 2017 // 4 + desktop wallpapers from the lake

Well, October clearly slipped away, I knew it would be busy though. Here comes a batch of my favorite photos from our trip this summer (aside from family ones, I mean). They were taken around Lac du Tolerme.

I turned many of these photos into desktop wallpapers, that you can find in the GOODIES + section of the site.

Throwing some rocks into the lake was of course a favorite moment for my youngest ! I managed to capture one hitting the water ... Splash !

How I love reflections in the water ... and the contrast makes my heart swell. One of my favorite photos is the one below, of ferns.

I hope you enjoyed them all. I'm glad to share them with you through desktop wallpapers. I will try to post once or twice more this week, I still have so many photos to share !

Wishing you a delightful week ahead ! Be well.