transitioning into 2O17

Hello ! It was about time I showed up here, but actually I've been a little less present online on this first past week, first week of 2017. I guess I needed to take it slowly to make the transition with the nw year.

But here I am, and for once, I have something new to show. I have decided to change my logo for something visually more simple, something not fancy, not polished or perfect, something a little rough and to the point. You obviously can already see it on top of this page, but here are the logos I've carved into two stamps of different sizes (for making labels & for the packaging). I hope you like it as much as I do.

It's not 100% like the digital version (since they are fonts) but I like the imperfect look of it, it suits my ethics.

I hope that 2O17 has been treating you well so far, that you are healthy & creative. Do you have special plans for this year ? Specific projects you can talk about ?

Here's to the new year !! Cheers !



shop update : BLUE handstamped card sets

A wee shop update today, with paper goods, for once ! I have spent the last day and a half remodelling the shop, using what I already had (in this case, a shop template I had bought in 2012). You know how I feel now about a little change once in a while !! Haha !

I was inspired to make card sets (2 recycled kraft double cards & recycled paper envelopes) with my handcarved stamps & deep blue ink. There are currently two sets available : Tea For Two & Seashells.

I'm inspired to do this in several colors ... we can be inspired by (or in love with) one particular color. And snail mail is an art that I don't want to see dying ... I really could use one or two myself ! Have you sent any snail mail recently ?

Thanks a lot for your visit !



the story of the evolution of CM logo

I realized today I had never explained here the evolution of Cozy Memories logo. If you've known me or Cozy Memories for a while, you may remember that it's not always been like the current one.

The original logo was created in May 2011, after rethinking the previous logo that looked a bit too much like an existing logo. (heart inside home, Habitat logo) The logo was made (well, is still made) of a big drop, representing the dyeing liquid or substance, and inside is a branch of laurestine / Viburnum tinus, which is a plant (growing wild & abundantly here) that I had used in my early dyeing days. See below for the plant & its results back then :

See ? The drupes (the berries) are themselves drop shaped, and of a glorious, luxurious metallic blue ! Stunning little things I must say.

So ... I made the original logo in May 2011, on the computer exclusively, drawn with a Wacom pen tablet & Paint Shop Pro (old school !) software. I loved it. But by the end of last year, I got tired of it, it was lacking of something, I thought. I tried to work out what was missing, and after a little introspection, I decided to carve it as a stamp, and since I am very much inspired by Japanese culture, I decided to make it look (vaguely) like a hanko seal/stamp (which you can see on calligraphy or sumi-e ink paintings) By carving it, at a small scale I must add too, it suddenly got the imperfect, more organic, wabi sabi look I was missing with the original logo. I am satisfied !

Red ink helped my logo being more visible, which was pretty important, given the year my business had been through last year. (there, I said it)

Looking back, I couldn't have made this (current) logo back in 2011, since I was not as interested in Japanese culture & aesthetics as I am now. This evolution has come after a couple of years of appreciation.

Now, my wrapping & branding feel more in synch with my aesthetics. There, now you know the story of the evolution of Cozy Memories logo !

Have a beautiful weekend everyone !