I'm still here !

Well, um, wow. It's almost been a whole month since I got in there for saying hello. I'm sorry about that, but I had good reasons. Last time I wrote in my journal was school break & had been knowing that hubby would go working far away (starting in September, for 2 years) for a couple of weeks only. This kind of motivated us TREMENDOUSLY to get started on all the house & garden projects we had been having for 2018. (and boy the list was long)

I had my 40th birthday during the school break. I baked a lemon tarte meringuée, which was so delicious !

Right after my birthday, I sewed simple outdoor curtains & noren curtains (Japanese style short curtains) for our south oriented (though covered) terrace.

We first painted our eldest son's bedroom (white, per his request) during the school break. And last week we painted our living-room / dining-room + hall (blue, this color), and also our own bedroom. (offwhite, this color) Painting jobs are not only painting jobs. There is a lot of work before (emptying the room -> mess elsewhere ! / preparing the room for being painted), during (painting itself, obv.) & after (cleaning up, getting everything back, and reorganizing) We were extra motivated because it wasn't so warm last week, and not rainy. We have one last reno/painting job, probably this week : our bathroom (although there is no bath tube, but a shower). (will be this color) For reminder, we painted our youngest son's bedroom in February. (this color)

In the meantime, we've emptied, cleaned, reorganized, and painted the outside of our garden shed.

We've transformed one last (neglected) corner of the garden, which has now a "beachy" vibe, and will be much appreciated ! We've bought a large yellow, handmade ceramic pot (made in the region), and a Dasylirion longuissimum (which shall thrive through the heatwaves), Carex comans red, and sand. No particular care for these, it will be great !

We(ve renovated/fixed the wall where the mailbox is. It needed to be repaired & repainted.

We've installed mosquitoe screens onto our bedrooms' French doors/windows. VERY much needed, because of the wet winter ever we've had this year, there are TONS of awful mosquitoes !!

We've installed Spanish wicker around the swimming pool equipment area (that was visible from everywhere)

Well you see now why I vanished from the blog for almost a month. It was necessary to have this all done (only one large project to go & we're done) before summer (and heat) is here. We are pretty much proud of ourselves, even though all those jobs weren't that awfully technical. We've been really efficient & we're very happy about that !

I'll be back very soon with photos from the garden ! I hope to see you again ! Sorry for the absence ! I hope you're doing great !

With love,


Just so you know, previously to all the painting jobs, our youngest son's bedroom was orange, our eldest son's bedroom was a dirty beige, our own bedroom was a faded, dirty lilac-y pink, and the living room was dark grey (which wasn't that awful but it had holes everywhere because of previous lamp fixtures & furnitures to the wall). The bathroom is a dark grey (it's the darkest room  of the house) with light grey ceiling, and very textural walls. All these walls needed