when life gives you lemons ...

Sorry for the disapperance, even though it was for a couple of weeks only ... Late March was more hectic than it should have been. Let me explain.

Hubby got a promotion (yay ! I'm making it simple because it's a bit more complicated than that), but that means that he's going to work in another tribunal (he's a judge), in another town ... and fate chose for us ... this town is a big city, completely accross the country : 1000 km away from here. It is supposed to last 2 years, and the work days should be 4 days a week. Maybe 3 days at some point, but that's not sure. We will not move as a family, that'd be way more complicated than just him living there half week. I know it sounds silly, but we have moved so many times, took the boys from school to school, it is now time for them to have stability. So that is a big no no.

We were sure devastated by the (good) news (isn't it ironic, don't you think ?) but we tried not long after to see the upside. And the fact is that it kind of motivated us to tackle all the house projects we had been procrastinating. Small or big, we will tackle them all. One of the firsts was to "transform" the food/grocery closet. We removed a shoe rack from the closet, bought & assembled a shelf unit to put inside. We got a metal shelf unit too, for the kitchen, for me to have all the food that I buy in bulk, as well as the yoghurt maker, fruits, onion/garlic/potatoes, actually most of the things I use daily or almost, at my (easier & more direct) reach. I also hung the coffee essentials so that it cleared the countertop.

The baskets on the side are very practical. I also added the teas I bought at Lupicia. All in all, I've been trying to re-think many things (not only in the kitchen) for making my daily life easier. For instance, my vacuum cleaner was in the garage, which didn't really encouraged me to use it as often as it needed. I needed to open/close two doors & walk down/up three steps. Not very ergonomic. It moved to a more closer place, and is now really easier to reach.

I also got motivated to paint the front door, which desperately needed a new coat. We changed the toilet seat that was broken ... as well as one of the bathroom lights. Little by little, our House Jobs list is being crossed off. And it must be all done before summer is here. (because of the heat) April and May should be busy, I tell ya ! But the weather right now doesn't cooperate, we'll be getting rain all week long, ugh !!

And in the meantime, I'm also slowly but surely preparing things that hubby will need over there. Believe me, that is quite plenty. I've made lists, which I'm constantly updating. It's like sending our eldest son to college ... I swear. I do my best for using what we have already but we wil obviously need to get extra things. What a task.

I hope I'll have more fun things to share soon, but well, life's pretty full, and it ain't gonna stop soon. Thank you very much for stopping by today, I appreciate !

With love,


simply drops

Hi everyone ! I am not sure where all the days have gone since my last post ... Well, spring has already sprung here in southern France, actually several weeks ago.

We are keeping ourselves really busy with several home & garden projects (some at the same time), and I admit it has been sucking up all my time & energy lately. I don't have anything to show you yet (not sure you really need to see the very recently -today actually- repaired & brand new roof for our old old garden shed ... not as glamour as it sounds)

We have been destroying a corner of our garden, which happened to have a water cascade, a pond, a stone wall. Yes, written like that, they all sound lovely & romantic. Believe me, they were not, the pond was a massive nest for mosquitoes (which are awful over here), and it was most specifically a corner not well managed, a really bad use of space. So ... we have been destroying it, breaking, digging, weeding, removing ivy roots that were 20 years old (believe me, it is suuuuuper strong). We might re-use stones, and I will keep you posted about it here, if you're interested.

We first thought we'd hire people for re-doing the garden shed roof, as well as for the corner in the garden that needed to be destroyed ... and in the end, by lack of massive budgets each of our projects is requesting (mostly because of the time spent, work labor is pretty expensive here in the south !), we have decided to do it all by ourselves. We can almost do it all, except electricity & plumbing, well, at least that's what we are beginning to believe. (that we are able to do a lot by ourselves)

Until I am actually able to show you, I'll leave you with some photos of rain drops on the anthemis flowers I recently acquired. I can not begin to express how happy & excited I am to finally being able to buy flowers in pots ! (because in apartments, we could not have any on our windowsills ...) Having a garden & an outdoor space has been a life changing thing !

To whoever still reading my old little blog, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Have a beautiful (rest of your) day !



bringing bamboo in

I love bamboo. I really do. There is a row of bamboos growing between our driveway & our neighbour's. I will have an endless supply little twigs of bamboo for bringing in. Free foliage, yay !

They are so gracious, light & airy, they're really inspiring. They inspired me this photo below. It hasn't been retouched, only resized.

I hope this short post finds you all very well. Things are slowly but surely falling into place here, we're working on routines for everyone (but not too much neither, hey !), but I haven't found my way back to sewing, embroidering, dyeing, painting or anything creative just yet. I think there are only two or three boxes still to empty, but other than that, we're pretty much completely settled.

I have started thinking seriously about what we could actually have in our garden. I never realized there was so much planning ahead, so much research before even thinking about getting plants or shrubs or sowing flowers. Please don't be too hard on me, I've lived the last 17 years of my life in apartments !!! I'm not notorious for being a green thumb ! But I'll work hard for it to change !