FLORA pincushions

Three new pincushions were just added to the shop. They are made of naturally dyed fibers exclusively, stuffed with organic cotton, and are so dainty & charming, specially together !

It'll be forever spring in your craftroom with one of these by your side !

The floral motif I embroidered with naturally dyed silks, is inspired by a stamp I had hand carved many years ago.

They can be found (they are available seperately) over here in the SHOP, where you will get much more informations about them, and where there are different photos.

Have a beautiful rest of your weekend. Thank you so kindly for your visit !

With love,


dreamy lavender

I have loved working on these lavender sachets. Picking the right fabrics ... embroidering with the most delicate silk threads ... filling them with the lavender I picked & dried last June ... What a dream from start to finish !

You can read more about them & find them in the shop here. But I'll share a handful of photos here anyway ...

I plan to make more of these ! I hope you like them as well ! Have a beautiful rest of your week ! Thank you for stopping by today, I appreciate !

With love,


a big heart and a little book

First of all, I am overwhelmed by your response to my last post. I sincerely didn't think you all would feel so concerned, but I guess we are all makers at some point, and we all compared ourselves at some point as well. So, thank you, a big, heartfelt thank you for your response here & on other social medias, I sincerely appreciate you took time to write such long comments, all filled with your precious words about your own experiences. It helped me a lot. A real lot. I felt understood, I didn't feel so alone anymore, and it all made sense in the end. Speaking out (so to speak !) felt like a liberation ! It broke into pieces the invisible carcan that was wrapped around my creativity. I feel "free" again. And you all have something to do with that. So thank you. My heart is big & full thanks to you.

Speaking of heart (what a sneaky transition but I couldn't help !), this heart above, is the first creation of 2018 that I put on the virtual shelves of the shop. Thankfully for me, it's been sold before I had time to put it here, but I'm hoping to make more in the same spirit ! All details are in the shop, but to make long short, it was made with naturally dyed fibers all the way !

I also have added another item : a needlebook. Also made from naturally dyed fibers, and featuring a gorgeous handmade ceramic button by my friend Laura, in Canada. (her shop is here)

They both can be seen & found in the shop here. (or link on top of this page) Thanks a lot for your visit, and for your comments, and your support most of all !

With love,