welcome home Gentle Tags


You can’t imagine the joy it is for me to have now more stuff to show & share with you ! This means I’m being motivated & inspired, and it fills my heart with happiness !!

This week, I’m sharing with you new Gentle Tags ! These are little joys to make, and I hope they’ll bring joy to your home or to their final recipients’ home ! I made four of them, and I just love the fabrics I picked from my thrifted, vintage collection ! I hope you will love them too !


You might have missed the blog post about them, so here it is, just in case … If you want to have a look at them, they are all gathered in the Gentle Tags section of the shop !

Have a most wonderful rest of your day !


new product in the shop : Gentle Tags


Hi there ! I finally have something new in the shop, something to show you ! I have created a new (to the shop) kind of products, and it has a sweet name: “Gentle Tags” !

These tags are rather small(-ish), just the right size for a discret reminder or pick me up. They are (and will be) made of vintage, thrifted textiles on the font, and of natural linen on the back. They are (and will be) numbered, so you’ll be able to collect them if you wish !


I intend to create a whole collection of them, with positive & uplifting words, and some others will be simple, everyday words. Well, we’ll see how they go ! But I do find they’re sweet & the kind of thing that I would love to get as a gift from a friend !


Please have a look at the shop, you might be interested in a future one. The first one, pictured here, is a little more heavy hearted, but is full of love nonetheless. You can send it to someone you miss, or keep it to yourself in memory of someone you truly miss.


Thank you for your visit ! Have a beautiful day !


No Place Like Home


Hello everyone ! Time’s flying by … but here I am today for showing you what I’ve done this past week : a new ornament !

I loved working on this one, and think there will be other versions in different colorways. I love the monochromatic embroidery, it makes me think of redwork, but in a new kind of way … Do you like it too ?

The linen on the front was dyed with Punica granatum (pomegranate) & iron, the cotton on the back is actually a Laura Ashley print that I overdyed with Arbutus unedo (strawberry tree) & iron, and the silk thread I used for the embroidery was dyed with Helichrysum stoechas (immortelle). The loop is made of linen cord, and the stuffing is organic cotton stuffing.

It can be hung on a wall or a door/cupboard knob or a glass bottle (or whatever you fancy !), can be a lovely bowl filler (as pictured), or can even be used as a pincushion ! (why not ?)

I hope you like it as much as I loved working on it … You can find it ★ here ★ in the shop, thank you !

Wishing you all a lovely weekend ! Thank you for your visit, and for your support !