simple Sunday // a little magic

Just a little magic on this Sunday ... coming from the rainbow maker. I never regretted getting it. (it's the double version here, with two cristals) As soon as it's sunny enough, the mechanism starts working & it floods the whole living-room & kitchen with little rainbows dancing on the walls, the ceiling & everything !

If your Sunday is far from being magical, I hope you'll find a way to add your own personal sparkle, one way or another !

Sending you all shiny rainbow kisses !  😙 ✨ 🌈



simple Sunday // March

Last day of school break her, and I'm always so torn between wanting it to last forever & be with my sons & hubby, and wanting school to start again to get the "regular" rhythm. I guess I enjoy both of them, and both of them have upsides & downsides.

Happy Mother's day to all my mama friends in the UK, we'll have to wait a lot more over here ! (late May) These blossoms are for you all ! (from my neighbours' garden)

Wishing you a great rest of your Sunday (or Monday if you're on the other side of the planet !) Be well.



simple Sunday // lines

I picked this bunch of dry stems back in the autumn, probably on the wayside, I don't even remember anymore.

So fragile, yet with such personality, I had to bring it back home.

I love the minimalist lines, the structure, the movement, like tiny little hands waving in the air ...

They're just begging to be stitched or drawn ...



PS : I created a new blog category "Botanical Inspiration", I thought it might interest some of you. I'll add older posts as time allows.