the story of the evolution of CM logo

I realized today I had never explained here the evolution of Cozy Memories logo. If you've known me or Cozy Memories for a while, you may remember that it's not always been like the current one.

The original logo was created in May 2011, after rethinking the previous logo that looked a bit too much like an existing logo. (heart inside home, Habitat logo) The logo was made (well, is still made) of a big drop, representing the dyeing liquid or substance, and inside is a branch of laurestine / Viburnum tinus, which is a plant (growing wild & abundantly here) that I had used in my early dyeing days. See below for the plant & its results back then :

See ? The drupes (the berries) are themselves drop shaped, and of a glorious, luxurious metallic blue ! Stunning little things I must say.

So ... I made the original logo in May 2011, on the computer exclusively, drawn with a Wacom pen tablet & Paint Shop Pro (old school !) software. I loved it. But by the end of last year, I got tired of it, it was lacking of something, I thought. I tried to work out what was missing, and after a little introspection, I decided to carve it as a stamp, and since I am very much inspired by Japanese culture, I decided to make it look (vaguely) like a hanko seal/stamp (which you can see on calligraphy or sumi-e ink paintings) By carving it, at a small scale I must add too, it suddenly got the imperfect, more organic, wabi sabi look I was missing with the original logo. I am satisfied !

Red ink helped my logo being more visible, which was pretty important, given the year my business had been through last year. (there, I said it)

Looking back, I couldn't have made this (current) logo back in 2011, since I was not as interested in Japanese culture & aesthetics as I am now. This evolution has come after a couple of years of appreciation.

Now, my wrapping & branding feel more in synch with my aesthetics. There, now you know the story of the evolution of Cozy Memories logo !

Have a beautiful weekend everyone !



for tea lovers

I was inspired on Wednesday to use the tea related stamps I had carved earlier this year. (the Japanese tea pot & the cup one) So I stamped my hear away. Carved drop stamps, and a tiny (1 cm x 1 cm) logo stamp, inspired by Japanese inkan/hanko seals. And to be honest, I kind of dig it very much !

So are available now in the shop, two gift sets, in blue & in rust. Each set contains a (handmade) tea towel (linen/cotton blend), a set of 3 cards (double cards & their envelopes, made of 100% recycled cardboard), and a (handmade too) matching drawstring pouch. You can see both sets in the shop here & here.

Don't forget to place your order before Sunday if you order from Europe & want to get your parcel in time for Christmas ! Thank you !

And have a lovely weekend everyone !



October shop update

Oh my. First of all, a huge thanks for your support about my last post. I meant every word, and I was sure we were all likeminded. Since my last post, I've tried to put these words into action, and have shared infos from friends having sales etc. It feels good. I'll do that more, in different ways.

Rain. We've had MORE rain (we've had torrential rains on Sept 29th) this past night. Parts of Montpellier (where we live), and a couple of towns around were yet again very badly harmed. I really feel for all the people who got flooded once again, as if once was not already too much ! The worse is that there is rain & more rain on the way, in the forecast until the beginning of next week. Now, understand me. When it rains here, at the beginning of autumn, it doesn't drizzle, it pours, literally. And soils just can't take it anymore (in addition to the over-urbanization of cities), that's why we've been having floods.

So ... this rain messed up with many of my plans, and I could take proper photos for my shop update, last Sunday only. And therefore, I've added lots of new things in the shop yesterday & today :

  • naturally dyed scarves (cotton gauze : 2 regular & 1 MAXI / linen voile - 1 regular)
  • 4 naturally tie-dyed linen panels
  • 2 naturally tie-dyed (organic cotton voile) furoshiki clothes (new items in the shop, yay !!)
  • 2 sets (of 4) of handstamped small, cotton drawstring bags (using new stamps I've carved)

You can find all these lovely things in the shop here ! But here's a preview ...