mojo and tech talking

Before I get started sharing my photos from Bourgogne, I'd like to talk about a couple of things.

The first one is the return of my creative mojo (or so to speak). I think most of you are creative people, one way or another, so I'm sure you all understand what I mean. When your mojo goes on an undetermined vacation, you are kind of lost & unmotivated. (and very sad it's gone) That's what happened to me shortly after we moved last December. It totally disturbed my previous habits, and I got totally lost. Now ... for our trip earlier this month, I brought some naturally dyed fabrics & fibers with me, scissors & needles, threads & pins & hoped for the best. I was right. It slowly but surely returned, as I made actual time for it.  If you follow me on Instagram (find me @ cozymemories ), you've seen glimpses of what I worked on. I surely hope to have much to show you shortly. Though my hands & head are pretty busy right now with a birthday (my soon to be 10 y-o boy), an anniversary (15 this year), and come back to school preps. All in a matter of two/three weeks.

zipped pouch I'm working on : naturally tie-dyed (with avocado skins) linen, and Sicilian sumac (iron modified) silk thread

zipped pouch I'm working on : naturally tie-dyed (with avocado skins) linen, and Sicilian sumac (iron modified) silk thread

The other thing I wanted to talk about is commenting & subscribing to the blog. My friend Monika asked where to subscribed by email to my blog feed. I had totally no idea, but I figured it out, and apparently it's working, you simply have to use the box, on top right of this page (can you see it ?). But she, and another sweet friend of mine, Sadie, told me they couldn't comment on the blog posts. Which really annoys me, since I switched back to Squarespace comment recently, thinking it would allow more visitors to leave a pawprint. I'm kind of lost now, are there more of you who have difficulties posting a comment with Squarespace comment field ? If you do & want to let me know, please drop me a quick line here, thank you in advance.

Another thing I wanted to let you know is that I switched all my Bloglovin followers (of my previous blog) over to this "new" (not so new anymore now !) blog. Thanks to my friend Annie who let me know about it ! You can follow me with Bloglovin here.

Another blog related point ... I'm (very) slowly but surely importing (one by one, yes) posts from my previous blog, selecting the most interesting ones of course, so that you (and I) will be able to find them in one place by the end of the year. (my goal) It's taking me ages, but there's no other way.

Sorry for all the techs precisions, but I needed to let you know, since this journal is a place for me to recollect & pour my heart, and for you, hopefully, a place you're happy to stop by, anytime.

Thank you for your attention & for your visit today ! Be well !



How July's started

I've been solo parenting most of this week since hubby was away for work, hence the lack of update here, sorry about that. Here's a little recap if you don't follow me on Instagram (find me : @cozymemories )

You can click each photo, it will enlarge it.

1 - My organization for fabrics since we've moved here, protected from the sun & dust / 2 - Morning sun in my creative space

3 - Replacing my poor aromatic herbs that didn't make it through the heat, with red & pink geraniums / 4 - Smoothie making, yum !

5 - Yummy healthy summer dessert / 6 - Going to the library with the boys & borrowing great books for summer !

7 - Stormy Friday / 8 - Blueberry muffins baking to forget that France lost at the World Cup

9 - Smoothie making again / 10 - Lazy Saturday morning double selfie

11 + 12 - Going to the local museum (biggest in the region & just down our street, lucky us) to visit the exhibition of a local, contemporary artist : Claude Viallat

13 + 14 - Morning sun my creative space, again (or what used to be)

I hope you are all doing fine & that July's been treating you fine so far. Take good care of yourself.