late summer goodness for me & goodies for you

Please let me interrupt my summer vacation posting ! I picked the last rudbeckias of the season ... (sniff sniff, I loved them so !) and decided to gather them along with other cuttings from the garden (hot pink cosmos, nepeta & coriander blooms & seeds) for a little impromptu bouquet of some sort, which I put in a thrifted amber glass container.

I didn't want to keep its shabby beauty all to myself so I caught the camera & clicked away ... (you can click for enlarging the photos)

I then decided to move the bouquet to my desk which is more into the natural light.

They sure have both that cheerfulness of summer, yet also that melancholic feeling that the season's over ... sigh.

After I took thesse photos I thought of sharing some of them in desktop wallpapers ! Yay ! You can find them in the GOODIES section of the site !

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed my flowers all summer long, and as much as I'm enjoying this late summer bouquet on my desk ... Be well, dears.



Happy August + a summer goodie for you !

Well hello there, it's been a little while ! Happy August to you all, as well !

We've been on one week vacation July 14th-22nd (related posts coming up) but other than that, we've been enjoying ourselves, trying to cope with hot summer days, and tending the garden too.

Speaking of our garden, I'm very happy about my one and only rudbeckia plant (I am planning to have many more next summer ! Another post about that too !) and I thought I'd share its beauty with you ! It lights up all the flower bed !

Aren't they little bright little suns ?! I love them so much that I've decided to offer some little goodies, based on my photos. Here are two different desktop wallpapers, one with "Happy Summer", and a different one, blank. Click them then right click for saving. I hope you will enjoy !


Wishing you all a lovely start of the week ! Be well, and thank you for your visit today !



free To Do printables for you !

I'm a list maker, that's a fact. I could buy all the to do's notepads of the world, but none of them would  ever fit my needs perfectly. So I created one for me. Then I thought that you might be interested as well, so I changed a couple of things, and made three versions of the same list.

The list is printable on an A4 regular sheet. I made it in black, in bright colors (blue, red, yellow), and in light colors (light turquoise, salmon, mint). For my own personal use, I needed to have the list cut in half, for the morning & for the afternoon. I know not everyone works like that, but if you do, then you might like these lists !

I made three categories, because I don't want to mix "bake banana bread" with "go to the post office" or "print to do lists" etc. I'm sure you see what I mean. So the categories are : EMAIL & PAPERWORK - MY BUSINESS - HOME & SELF CARE. (which would include housework, errands, sport, beauty etc)

I understand that not everyone has a running business, so I'll probably end making a new series of To Do lists, without the "My Business" category. Or maybe make an extra one with "My Job".

I use a pencil for writing on the list, and then I can simply erase with an eraser what I did. This way, the list is usable many many times. I also thought you could print a list once, laminate it, and write over with with a thin whiteboard pen. (and erase with a piece of fabric) - I've added days of the week on top, so you simply have to circle the day. There is space on the sides, top & bottom, so that you can add notes if needed.

Anyway. If you want to download them, simply click them. They are for your personal use of course ! Please DO NOT reproduce or resell ! (the watermark of course doesn't appear on the list !!)

I think it should be working fine, but that's the first time I've uploaded PDFs on Squarespace, so I cross fingers & toes it will work. Please let me know if you download them & if it worked great with your computer & printer, thank you ! Enjoy !

Oh, you may wonder why there is no ticking box. From my very own experience, I've come to realize that I prefer to erase (I used to cross it) what I've done, it is more visual to me, rather than ticking next to what I've done. My task is still visible & it bothers me. Now, I understand that not everyone thinks the way I do !!!

I plan to make more free printables, so keep your eyes peeled !  (food, grocery shopping & menu planning or recipe ideas)

Thanks for stopping by !