rugelachs & pencil holders

Yesterday's (Day 9) in our advent calendar was baking (strawberry jam) rugalachs ! Yum ! We had half of them for breakfast this morning & the other half we'll have tomorrow.

Today (Day 10) in our calendar was burning wood pencil holders for the grandmas. One was craft oriented (for my mom who sews & more) and the other one (to be done ...) will have a sunflower (for my sunflower loving mother in law)

We went for dots marking since the tool is not extra powerful, and well in the end it was a smart move. They will be parts of their Christmas presents of course !

Wishing you a great end of your weekend.

With love,


rolls and flurries

Today we had the extreme luck of getting some flurries ! Yes ! They didn't even reach the ground (it was very windy, though just above 0°C). When I was a little girl, it used to snow one day or two each year, but it actually snowed. Now, it is either no snow at all, or just some flurries. But, well, I'm happy with that anyway ! I filled the bird feeder twice today & added more fat balls for the blue tits. (the lights you can see on the photo below were indoors, from where I took my photo from !)

Today was Saturday therefore we had time for an activity that could take time. And today, Day N.2, was baking cinnamon rolls ! The boys were pretty happy ! Everyone helped, hubby included, a real family activity !

Here they are ! YUMMY ! And 100% organic as well. We'll have them for the next breakfasts, and we can hardly wait !

It was a very cozy day at home, one like I really adore. Christmas music on, flurries outside, observing birds from the bay windows, baking ... just pure perfection to me. Let me tell you that I count my blessings, more than once. I hope you do too.

With love,