those strong & uplifting daisies

Snow or shine, the daisies are always present, always generously giving you their best smiles. The ones in my garden survived the snow, obviously, and are back in force. I thought I'd share some with you ... like sharing the uplifting & happy vibes !

See how sunny (and warm, it went up to 18°C ... it went down to -7°C a handful of days before) it was yesterday ?! Laundry day it was, you bet !! Pitou took time to stop & smell the flowers ! Literally !

Aren't they such pretty yet simple flowers ? I love them to bits ! Happy Sunday you all !

With love,


a daisy for you

I know (or I suspect) that some of you are going through a dark & cold winter, and that you are longing for longer & warmer days. Over here in southern France we are lucky to get sunny (and very mild) winters, so I've stepped outside in the garden today for snapping a couple of photos that might lift up your spirits ...

Sunny days will come, I promise, warm days as well. Until then, I will share this kind of photos to make you wait.

Happy last days of January !

With love,


summer trip 2017 // 7

Happy Saturday everyone ! Today I'll be sharing more summery-feeling photos, which is pretty normal since they were taken in the heart of summer ! I need to finish posting photos about our summer trip soon because I feel completely not in synch with the current season ! LOL

I took these photos just a hundred of meters away from the house we were renting. It was all so beautiful at this time of year !

This field of clover (I think it was a type of clover) was sooooooo fragrant, it was amazing. It smelled so honey-like ! Transporting. An olfactive memory of our summer trip.

Only this last photo was taken in the garden of the house. They grow naturally blue, the soil must be acidic. We can't grow them this blue where we live, even if adding something extra acidic.

I could lose my mind in this blue .... mmm. Leaving you today on this little bit of natural magic ... have a great weekend !