Advent calendar 2018 - day 3 & 4


We may not make earth-shattering activities, but I try to find some that are rather fast & easy, and that can be useful or beautiful (or tasteful) for the whole household. (or minimum for the boys themselves)

So, the Activity of Day 3 was making garlands with golden (sparkly) round stickers, along sewing thread. You can see a close up above, and we have made several ones that adorn the kitchen window bay.

Activity of Day 4 wasn’t an activity unless you consider “eating a little chocolate Santa” as an activity LOL


Wishing you all a lovely day & midde of the week ! Be well !

With love,


the last three days of our Advent Calendar

I had to wait until today to find time to post the recap of the three final activities in our Advent Calendar.

Last  Friday (Day 22), the activity was making homemade Crunch-style chocolate. Basically, melt chocolate (we used organic 55% dark), and mix in with puffed rice. (we use organic whole) The process was super easy, the result was a hit ! Yay !

Last Saturday (Day 23), the activity was making photo holders with aluminium wire. Another easy, fast & rewarding activity, wonderful !

And the final day (Day 24), the activity was baking "pizza crackers" (vegan), and we used this recipe by Elephantastic Vegan. Very basic (and few) ingredients that most everyone has at home. Again, easy, relatively fast, and we ate them on Christmas Eve dinner.

I will make a recap post, including the activities from Advent Calendars past.

I hope you've had a beautiful Christmas day (or whatever you celebrated). Ours was simple, as usual, with my mom & inlaws at our place. It was grey, damp & cold, a good day for staying indoors, cozy.

With love,


candy canes & baked apples

Happy Winter Solstice everyone !

Yesterday's (Day 20) activity was making candy canes using air drying clay. We'll be using them as display on the table on Christmas day, I think. (they made more than two)

Today's (Day 21) activity was making baked apples for dessert ! And it was yummy !

We had a little scoop of ice cream on the side, and it was the perfect match !

Only 3 activities/days left until Christmas day, oh my goodness ! Thanks for following along !

With love,