welcome home Gentle Tags


You can’t imagine the joy it is for me to have now more stuff to show & share with you ! This means I’m being motivated & inspired, and it fills my heart with happiness !!

This week, I’m sharing with you new Gentle Tags ! These are little joys to make, and I hope they’ll bring joy to your home or to their final recipients’ home ! I made four of them, and I just love the fabrics I picked from my thrifted, vintage collection ! I hope you will love them too !


You might have missed the blog post about them, so here it is, just in case … If you want to have a look at them, they are all gathered in the Gentle Tags section of the shop !

Have a most wonderful rest of your day !


new product in the shop : Gentle Tags


Hi there ! I finally have something new in the shop, something to show you ! I have created a new (to the shop) kind of products, and it has a sweet name: “Gentle Tags” !

These tags are rather small(-ish), just the right size for a discret reminder or pick me up. They are (and will be) made of vintage, thrifted textiles on the font, and of natural linen on the back. They are (and will be) numbered, so you’ll be able to collect them if you wish !


I intend to create a whole collection of them, with positive & uplifting words, and some others will be simple, everyday words. Well, we’ll see how they go ! But I do find they’re sweet & the kind of thing that I would love to get as a gift from a friend !


Please have a look at the shop, you might be interested in a future one. The first one, pictured here, is a little more heavy hearted, but is full of love nonetheless. You can send it to someone you miss, or keep it to yourself in memory of someone you truly miss.


Thank you for your visit ! Have a beautiful day !


Emilie ... and all the girls !


It is this time of year when you crave warmer & more flowery days … When you long for laundry on the line drying in the warm air, sunny afternoons in the garden, but it’s just not the moment yet.

So you declutter, clean & organise your home instead, and dream of warmer days. (but not too warm, eh !, wink wink, you know me now !) That’s when lavender sachets come in handy ! They keep your cupboard & linen fresh and smelling like summer !


I just made new lavender sachets, with natural linen for one side, and with thrifted floral (vintage) cotton on the other ! They instantly go well together ! Flowers & linen, so delightfully summery ! I included a linen cord so that they can be hung outside a cupbord (or chest of drawers), or on the wall at a nail, or at a clothes-hanger. Many possibilities ! Crunch it a little bit & summer vibes will flood your mind !


All the lavender sachets made & sold in the shop, are wrapped in a handmade, handstamped drawstring pouch like this one below. Isn’t it lovely ?!

You can find Emilie lavender sachets right ★ here ★ in the shop …


Now, about all the girls … What do I mean ? Well, I’m talking about the feminine names I’ve been giving to my recent creations made with thrifted vintage floral cottons.

I’ve been thrifting the vintage floral cottons for a couple of years now, and have quite a collection ! Enough to sew for a lifetime, I think ! Ahah ! But it’s become a real passion, to go thrifting for these once loved, floral (or not, you’ll see at some point) cottons. (or linens)


They might look a bit kitschy stacked like that, but they all have potiental, and anyway, we’re not supposed to like the same kind of prints, are we ? These are a minuscule part of my collection, actually.

Why giving them feminine names ? Well, I suppose I’m imagining the ladies that once took care of these textiles. Because obviously they were well taken care of, they show little signs of age, and they were made when textile quality was actually better than it often is these days. They were sturdy cottons & most of the textiles I’ve been thrifting were made in France, which is practically impossible to find nowadays.

Therefore I have in mind French names for ladies. And I associate them with one particular floral print, so that whatever the type of creation (lavender sachets, pincushion etc) you will instantly recognize the print & its name. Louise, Emilie … more will come obviously !

My goal is to give these textiles a well deserved second life, and to share with you their timeless beauty ! I hope you love them too !

Do you enjoy vintage textiles as well ?